It’s Sunday night, San Diego Comic-Con International has ended, and our watch is over… well, almost. We’ll still have coverage coming out in the upcoming week, including plenty of interviews and tidbits from the world’s biggest nerd show, but in the meantime, here’s one last post to wrap up the event itself! At the end of each day, we are rounding up our SDCC ’19 coverage so you don’t miss a single headline, no matter where you are. Sunday’s Comic-Con news brought creator spotlight panels, pro tips, TV news and more.

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Without further ado, here’s all of Sunday’s Comic-Con news in one place!

In case you missed the big announcements on Day 3, here’s everything we reported on Saturday.

Once you’re caught up on Sunday’s Comic-Con news and the stuff from Saturday, here’s the news from Friday.

Plus everything we covered on Thursday

And everything we covered on Wednesday

And finally, here’s a list of everything about SDCC that we published pre-SDCC.

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