Hey! It’s the 10th anniversary of me doing these Watchtower posts! The Beatrix invited me to type these up back in 2010, and some 680 posts later, I’m still here, although not as prolific or as driven as I once was.

Yet, as a designated survivor somewhere in the Midwest, I will be scanning Google News to bring you the overlooked and underreported aspects of Comic-Con International!

Wednesday is usually a half-day for me, since the media merry-go-round isn’t up and running until about 6 PM local time. But… I could be wrong. Let’s see what I can find!

The first item to pop up is tangential to comics:

Mondo Music will release three new vinyl soundtracks at Comic-Con.

Me, my attention was directed to this:

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Alan Silvestri. Artwork by Stan & Vince SDCC Exclusive Pressed on 180 Gram Dip colored vinyl (limited to 1,000 Copies) Webstore edition coming soon. $25
Mondo, in partnership with Walt Disney Records, is proud to present Alan Silvestri’s soundtrack to WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, available on vinyl for the first time in 30 years.

It’s the same track listing as the original LP soundtrack from 1988, but has colored vinyl and extras! (In the original novel, Roger is a comic strip star, with the strips being produced via photography. I wonder if IDW would adapt that into a comic book?)   

Hallmark has announced four new Star Trek ornaments.

The Con Exclusive (available at San Diego Comic-Con, Star Trek Las Vegas, and New York Comic Con) is the ISS Enterprise, the “evil” Mirror, Mirror version of the USS Enterprise. But, I think everyone will agree that the one to get is this:

Of course, cat owners should think twice before placing this on a Christmas tree.

There’s also a tabletop decoration of the original transporter room with dialogue and sound and light effects offered this year. (Scalawag that I am, I couldn’t help thinking about recreating the transporter malfunction from the motion picture.)

Entertainment Weekly [sic] is going monthly,

and Editor-In-Chief and self-admitted geek JD Heyman explains why, and what to expect. (What’s the over-under on when EW stops publishing a print edition?)

Here’s CCI’s official programming list

(nicely formatted! Seriously…bookmark that link on your smartphone!) with the rules and guidelines for attending events. There are two new off-site, free-to-the-public venues:

The Comic-Con Museum is located in Balboa Park at 2131 Pan American Plaza. Over the past year, the Museum has opened its doors for several pop culture events to allow fans to meet, learn, and share their love of fandoms. With a bit of sampling of the types of panels offered at San Diego Comic-Con, the Museum’s programming is an excellent idea for anyone who couldn’t get badges to the show!

The newest venue for Comic-Con programming is the Artists’ Loft at BarrioHaus, located at 1616 National Avenue. The lineup at BarrioHaus is intended to bring the cultural enrichment and educational aspects of Comic-Con panels to the public, with a focus on Latinx culture and contributions to popular arts.

Mattel has announced three new Marvel Barbie figures:

Dark Phoenix, Storm, and Mystique. In 2005, the Invisible Woman, Elektra, and Mary Jane Watson (wedding dress) were offered. Mattel also has the DC license, and has offered numerous variations of those heroines. (The ultimate?)

Lego recreated Nicola Scott’s Detective #1000 cover, lifesize.

Has Hollywood abandoned Hall H?

(Not really. But is it worth the cost? Is it effective marketing? Are there movies to produce? Is the lackluster box office causing a rethink?)

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