Here’s the Top Ten most popular comics on GlobalComix for the week, as ranked by their popularity algorithm, which take into account engagement (e.g. comments, likes, adds to library) in addition to views.

As you can see, a few changes from two weeks ago. Invincible is down to the #2 spot, with the latest Digimon Liberator comic at #1.  Transformers, Love, inks, and museum links. The Boys, Scott Pilgrim and Something Is Killing the Children all return, joined by two Vault Comics: Barbaric and Moneyshot, both of which just debuted in vertical scrolling format this week. So looks like a successful rollout for this program. The Gragoness says Sit rounds out the top 10.

We’re still tinkering with the format for these charts so we’re trying a new one this time out. let us know what you like better – a table chart, or a more descriptive one.

(And do YOU have a sales chart of some kind you’d like spotlighted here at the Beat? Reach out!)

1. DIGIMON LIBERATOR, 49 pages – Published by Bandai Card Games

Shoto Kazama, a boy who has never been able to win at card games because of his habit of giving up on things easily, enters the immersive world of Digimon Liberator through the invitation of his childhood friend, Arisa Kinosaki.

The game allows players to engage in highly realistic card battles. At first, Shoto is hesitant towards it, but through his engrossing encounters with the Digimon there, he becomes a fan of the game.

Encounters with wild Digimon such as Pteromon and battles with NPCs who have gone rogue.

These various happenings set the wheels of fate in motion for Shoto and his companions.

——This is a story about Digimon, and the world.

Story and Art by Bandai Card Games

2. Invincible (Compendium), 3338 pages – Published by Image Comics

Mark Grayson is teenage superhero Invincible. He was a normal high school senior with a normal part-time job and otherwise normal life, except his father Nolan is the superhero Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. At the age of 17, Mark begins to display superpowers, which come from his father being a member of the Viltrumite race, who, according to Nolan, pioneer the galaxy on a mission of benevolence and enlightenment.

Story and Art by Bill Crabtree, Cliff Rathburn, Cory Walker, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley

3. TRANSFORMERS, 132 pages – Published by Image Comics

Superstar creator DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (DO A POWERBOMB, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth), alongside ENERGON UNIVERSE showrunner ROBERT KIRKMAN (VOID RIVALS, INVINCIBLE), reimagines Hasbro’s robots in disguise for a brand-new generation.
Optimus Prime was supposed to have led the Autobots to victory. Instead, the fate of Cybertron is unknown, and his allies have crash-landed far from home, alongside their enemies—the Decepticons.
As these titanic forces renew their war on Earth, one thing is immediately clear: the planet will never be the same. New alliances are struck. Battle lines are redrawn. And humanity’s only hope of survival is Optimus Prime.
Discover THE TRANSFORMERS like you’ve never seen them before!

Story and Art by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer

4. Barbaric (Verticals), 72 pages – Published by Vault Comics

Owen the Barbarian has been cursed to do good with what remains of his life. His bloodthirsty weapon, Axe, has become his moral compass with a drinking problem. Together they wander the realm, foredoomed to help any who seek assistance. But there is one thing Owen hates more than a life with rules: Witches.

Welcome to the skull-cracking, blood-splattering, mayhem-loving comic brave enough to ask: How can a man sworn to do good do so much violence? Hah! F***ing with you. It’s just BARBARIC.

Story and Art by Addison Duke , Jim Campbell, Michael Moreci, Nathan Gooden

5. Love, inks and museum links, 150 pages – Published by Kotokot

When Eric’s first hookup with Daniel goes horribly, they decide to move on. But fate has other plans as they end up working together in a museum. While Eric continues exploring his sex life, he meets Alex.
As the story unfolds, the dynamics between Eric, Alex, and Daniel become increasingly complicated.

Story and Art by Kotokot

6. The Dragoness Says Sit!, 356 pages – Published by Fafnir Fenn

Flare the Dragon is tired of humans leaving their sacrificial trash on her doorstep. And she certainly doesn’t want this tiny blue-haired reject… or does she?

Story and Art by Fafnir Fenn

7. Scott Pilgrim Color Collection, 1128 pages – Published by Oni Press

The New York Times bestselling series and basis for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is now available in a new full-color format! Laugh as slacker Scott Pilgrim tries and sometimes fails to get his life together and win the heart of the literal girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers! Cry when things look bleak for our heroes! Make a confused face at the countless Canadian references! (Unless you live in Canada already.) The perfect gift for a Scottoholic-or for anyone discovering the bestselling series for the first time.

Story and Art by Bryan Lee O’Malley

8. The Boys, 2602 pages – Published by Dynamite Entertainment

Collecting amazing issues of the critically acclaimed series, currently running on Amazon Prime! THIS IS GOING TO HURT. In a world where costumed heroes soar through the sky and masked vigilantes prowl the night, someone’s got to make sure the “supes” don’t get out of line. And someone will. Billy Butcher, Wee Hughie, Mother’s Milk, The Frenchman, and The Female are The Boys: A CIA-backed team of very dangerous people, each one dedicated to the struggle against the most dangerous force on Earth – superpower. Some superheroes have to be watched. Some have to be controlled. And some of them – sometimes – need to be taken out of the picture. That’s when you call in The Boys. Contains the stories: THE NAME OF THE GAME, GET …

Story and Art by Garth Ennis

9. Something is Killing the Children (Volume), 919 pages – Published by BOOM! Studios

Monster hunter Erica Slaughter becomes the hunted and faces her doom alone!

With the last person in her corner gone and a ruthless agent from the Order of St. George closing in, Erica Slaughter finds herself alone and without a prayer. Can she take on this horrific new monster plaguing the small town of Tribulation, New Mexico by herself, or is this the end of her story?

Erica is faced with a choice to reach out to an unexpected source for help, or find herself dealing with both a monster and her human enemies alone…

Story and Art by James Tynion IV, Letizia Cadonici, Miquel Muerto, Sam Johns, Werther Dell’Edera, Werther Dell’Edera

10. Money Shot (Verticals), 77 pages – Published by Vault Comics

In the near future, space travel is ludicrously expensive and largely ignored. Enter Christine Ocampo, inventor of the Star Shot teleportation device with a big idea: She’ll travel to new worlds, engage—intimately—with local aliens, and film her exploits for a jaded earth populace trying to find something new on the internet. Now, Chris and her merry band of scientist-cum-pornstars explore the universe, each other, and the complexities of sex in MONEY SHOT!

A story about scientists having sex with aliens for the glory of mankind—and money.

Story and Art by Crank!, Kurt Michael Russell, Rebekah Isaacs, Sarah Beattie , Tim Seeley

In addition here are two “bubbling under” titles that are close to hitting the Top Ten:

1. UNIVERSAL MONSTERS, 169 pages – Published by Image Comics

THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH creators JAMES TYNION IV (W0RLDTR33, Something is Killing the Children) and MARTIN SIMMONDS reteam for an extra-length miniseries about the monster who started it all!
When Dr. John Seward admits a strange new patient into his asylum, the madman tells stories of a demon who has taken residence next door. But as Dr. Seward attempts to apply logic to the impossible…his surrogate daughter Lucy begins to fall under the spell of the twisted Count Dracula!

Story and Art by Dan Watters, James Tynion IV, Martin Simmonds

2. The Blue Flame (Verticals), 75 pages – Published by Vault Comics

A cosmic action adventure for fans and readers of Watchmen, Strange Adventures, and Hawkeye, The Blue Flame tells the story of a blue collar working man/DIY vigilante/cosmic hero, who must defend Earth with an answer to the question: “Is humanity worth saving?”

The Blue Flame is a cosmic hero. The Blue Flame is a DIY vigilante that fights crime on the streets of Milwaukee. The Blue Flame is a blue collar HVAC repairman named Sam Brausam.

Story and Art by Adam Gorham, Christopher Cantwell, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Kurt Michael Russell

Here at The Beat we’re committed to getting as much good data as we can, and that includes sales charts. The lack of reliable sales charts has been a real problem for the comics industry for a few years now, and a solution is far from imminent.

In the meantime, we’re bridging the gap with what we have access to. 


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