Dynamite has brought The Terminator Dark Horse and Burning Earth series together into a deluxe oversized series of trades for its 40th anniversary!

The BACKERKIT campaign has amassed over $176,00, fans eagerly jumping aboard to be able to, for the first time ever, read the entire The Terminator comic series in chronological order! 

The crowdfunder explains:

It is hard to believe that 2024 is the 40th anniversary of a franchise that changed the course of history. In 1984 James Cameron’s vision of a future destroyed by sentient AI still resonates with sci-fi fans now more than ever. The Terminator has had sequels, reboots, TV series, and even a theme park interactive ride/show. Every installment adds something more to the story and each incarnation of our favorite T-800 has given something special to series fans. But nothing compares to the original vision!

The best part is they made sure to offer editions for every type of fan, whether you want a more affordable collection like a simple paperback or even a crazy one-of-a-kind special release like their full metal jacket covers. This campaign has thought of everything.

What better way for fans to celebrate 40 years of their favorite franchise than reading through over 40 different comic books back to back, only for you to be able to show it off in a beautiful Terminator slipcase to go alongside your comic book collection for all to see. 

As the campaign states: —PLEDGE NOW IF YOU WANT TO LIVE—