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REVIEW: Kyle Starks’ OLD HEAD reminds us all that Dracula was a creep

In true Starks fashion, Old Head is a jokey fight book with a fairly serious message.
Crowdfunding Comics 9/27: Task Force Rad Squad - After Hours - The Technomancer - Assassin Roommate - Why Always Wins

Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up: The Technomancer, Task Force Rad Squad & 3 other projects we...

After Hours, Assassin Roommate, and Why Always Wins also make the list this week.

More SPX sponsor controversy as Kickstarter is accused of firing union organizers – ...

The crowdfunding giant has come under fire for apparent anti-union activity following the cancellation of an indie comic campaign.
Billy Tucci

INTERVIEW: BILLY TUCCI chats about SHI’s return, crowdfunding, and teaming up with VAMPIRELLA

The award-winning creator shares his insights on crowdfunding and why it’s the right time for Shi’s comeback
Death Trap

INTERVIEW: The creators of DEATH TRAP chat about muscle cars, circus freaks, and funding...

Matt Miner and Christopher Peterson discuss their newly launched Kickstarter campaign for Death Trap