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Taimur Dar is the Digital Media Producer and Marketing Expert for the Beat. He has earned a master’s degree in marketing intelligence from Fordham University and has provided branding strategies for various companies and organizations. His name is pronounced like the first two syllables of "tomorrow" in case you were wondering.

Johnny Cage meets his “co-stars” in MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS clip

Don't worry, he is pretty good at improv!

SHUT IN THEATER: 10 BOB’S BURGERS episodes that won’t distract from...

If you're looking for escapism, you may want to avoid these episodes.

Tween Titans & more debut in DC SUPER HERO GIRLS

Dick Graysons friends have some TITANic personalities!

MY COMIC SHOP COUNTRY documentary now available to watch digitally

Buy/rent on Apple TV & Amazon beginning

HARLEY QUINN Season 2 trailer teases Batgirl, Catwoman, and Harley/Ivy romance

Hits DC Universe streaming service April 3!

DuckTales Season 3 episode titles unveiled—Woo-oo!

Something F.O.W.L. is afoot!

LADY BALTIMORE reunites Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden for more crazy...

Lord Henry Baltimore's legacy continues

Bozhe moi—Batman takes on helicopter squadron in RED SON clip

Soviet Batman takes no prisoners

MAXIMUM VENOM animated adds Felicia Day as Mary Jane Watson

Face it Tiger, we just hit the jackpot!

Blue Falcon voiced by Mark Wahlberg debuts in final SCOOB! trailer

Plus Dynomutt and Dick Dastardly!