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Taimur Dar is the Digital Media Producer and Marketing Expert for the Beat. He has earned a master’s degree in marketing intelligence from Fordham University and has provided branding strategies for various companies and organizations. His name is pronounced like the first two syllables of "tomorrow" in case you were wondering.

Nickelodeon greenlights IT’S PONY second season

Currently one of the top three animated series!

Hasbro achieves Marvel Legends Sentinel crowdfunding campaign goal

Building a Better Mutant Hunter!

RIP Joel Schumacher; filmmaker passes away at 80

Best remembered by comic fans for his Batman films

INTERVIEW & PREVIEW: Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie & ChrisCross honor Dwayne McDuffie...

"It’s not something Dwayne would have written himself...but that he would have enjoyed reading."

BILL AND TED ARE DOOMED in prequel comic

Veteran creator Evan Dorkin returns to the Bill & Ted franchise