What if those worlds you imagined as a child were real? And what if you had a chance to visit them again? That’s the premise behind Invader Comics latest graphic novel from writers Roland Heep and Joerg Alberts with artists P.R. Dedelis and Liezl Buenaventura. Back to Fairtaylia blends the irreverent humor of Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland with the glamor of Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales and a pinch of isekai manga to create its own unique concoction, which  just launched on Kickstarter today. The Beat has an exclusive sneak peek at the newest project from Invader Comics. 

Here’s how the publisher describes the series:

Once upon a time, childhood friends found a magical doorway to Fairtaylia, an enchanted realm full of wizardry and wonder. Twenty years later they are a bunch of self-absorbed adults who don’t believe in fairy tales anymore… until a talking squirrel and a chainsaw-wielding fairy show up on their doorsteps. In a fast-paced quest to save Fairtaylia from an unspeakable evil, our merry band must come together once again to evade wicked witches, battle orcs and ogres, and break into Cinderella’s castle while suffering through fairy farts, skimpy outfits, and several musical numbers. Good luck with happily ever after.

Writers Heep and Alberts divulged some of the influences:

“Fantasy vs. reality. Staying young vs. growing old. Being stuck or growing up. This is what Back to Fairtaylia is all about. Imagine the kids from Stranger Things, but where the Upside Down is more like Disneyland on Ecstasy. Or Peter Parker and his friends in Spider Man: Far From Home on a never-ending school trip to an R-rated Narnia with no parental supervision. Heaven on earth, right? Too good to be true? Which means it can’t last. Every school trip has to end – heaven turns to hell – and eventually we all have to grow up. Or do we?”

This exciting new graphic novel comes to Kickstarter with an exclusive cover by interior artist P.R. Dedelis, which captures the not-so-kid-friendly nature of the series – and it’s joined by a variety of print and digital options across multiple tiers, designed to appeal to all tastes and budgets. There’s even a retail-friendly tier for those who want to sell the exclusive cover in their stores, so everyone can get in on the act. But what’s it all about?

Back To FairtayliaHeep and Alberts added:

Back to Fairtaylia is about how we rely on fantasy, make-believe and our own geekyobsessions to get us through our daily lives – and the need to find a balance between being down-to-earth and keeping our head-in-the-clouds,” “That’s the journey our heroes go on in this book – which means they’ll have to confront some hard truths about themselves that they have ignored all their lives. But mostly, we just want to have fun with this, because we’re all developmentally arrested and enjoy this kind of stuff. So, let’s f***ing do it. Let’s go Back to Fairtaylia.

The Back To Fairtaylia TPB collection is live on Kickstarter here.

Back to Fairtaylia Back to Fairtaylia Back to Fairtaylia Back to Fairtaylia