Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us for a look into a project 70 years in the making, an immortal hunter, two souls connected on two different worlds, and two more projects we love.


Creators: 3-D Film Archive
Goal: $20,000
End Date: May 8
Goodies: Get the book with Mitch O’connell cover art for $25, the book with Jeff Slemons cover art $25, a bundle with the book and a DVD of the film. Or at higher tiers get signed copies of the book, a one of a kind frame option, and more!

For those of you who’ve seen ROBOT MONSTER or our definitive 70th-anniversary 3D restoration from 2023, you know truer words were never spoken!

But the story of ROBOT MONSTER doesn’t end there. Whenever we’ve projected the film to live audiences, it always leads to speculative discussions now just about what happened in the film, but what happened before and after it, too.

So, what’s next?

This project has been something that’s been 70 years in the making. All coming together to become 64 page hardcover graphic novel, beautifully illustrated and perfect for any fan of sci-fi. Perfect to go up alongside your cult classic comics.

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The Herald

Creators: Ruben Mocho (Co-Creator and Artist), Allen Dunford (Co-Creator and Writer)
Goal: $1,000
End Date: May 11
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $5, the physical copy for $10, the cover B by Brahm Revel for $13, cover C by Brian Balondo for $13. Or back the higher tiers to be drawn as an outlaw, a limited holofoil, and much more!

The Herald follows the journey of a bounty hunter wandering through time on an eternal quest. He will stop at nothing to retrieve what was stolen from the one who is pulling the strings. Enjoy this fast-paced, 25-page supernatural western!
Note: the book is already completed and will be ready to go to print once the Kickstarter campaign is completed.

We already thought this project was worth checking out just from the beautiful cover art. To then find out that the comic follows a bounty hunter traveling through time and cursed to be immortal, safe to say we had to know more. That’s probably why 50 backers have put their money where theirs mouths are and helped get this project to its goal. Its for sure a comic worth noticing, make sure you don’t miss out!

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Creators: Zoppel
Goal: $8,029
End Date: May 21
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for 5 GBP, the poster for 10 GBP, the physical copy of the graphic novel for 20 GBP. Or at higher tiers get the variant covers, sweaters, and t-shirts with even more merch

In the distant future, our galaxy survives a black hole event, leading to the creation of two planets, each vastly different. Anna Napee, an explorer on the first planet, battles omnivorous monsters known as Shadows.

Zoppel has us wondering how much more this comic has in store for its future. Just from the description of this comic the idea of having two different people living on polar opposite worlds makes for one interesting story. The best part is this is just the beginning, the story is just being built up and Kickstarter is just the place to do it. If you want to be part of an expanding universe built up through your support, make sure not to miss out on this project!

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Creators: Paige Critchlow (Writer/Artist)
Goal: <The amount the project is trying to raise>
End Date: $2,000
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $10, the physical copy for $25, the conduit tier for $40, or at higher tiers get prints, stickers, and more. 

The world has always been a hostile place for Kyans, even decades after they and the other subspecies of human were created. Long after their kind’s powers were used to stop an incoming threat, siblings Kinley and Yuriah are finding it difficult to navigate a society that now regrets their existence.

Tenacity has already hit its goal, and it’s no wonder, considering the popular webcomic is being brought to life with brand new art and even some minor updates. Fans of the series have made it clear how much they wanted to see its physical release by ensuring the project reached its goal. The best part is, if you’re not sure if the project is for you, Critchlow even mentions how you can check out the free webtoon first before making any decisions. This is why it would be perfect for any fans of sci-fi series. Make sure not to miss out on this comic!

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Killjoys Never Die

Creators: Isaac Thompson (Writer/Creator), Zlata Miklush (Artist) 
Goal: $2,492
End Date: April 27
Goodies: You can get named credit in the comic, the physical copy for 25 GBP, or a signed copy for 40 GBP. 

Killjoys Never Die is a 5-part My Chemical Romance fan-comic pulling the thread that connects Bullets and Revenge all the way through the concept of The Black Parade, the disparate collection of Weapons, and tying the bow in the Zones of Danger Days. Each album becomes a graphic novel, with each song turned into fluidly connected chapters in tracklist order.

This is the final call for Killjoys Never Die; it’s on its last day. If you’re a fan of My Chemical Romance, you won’t want to miss out on this project. Connecting the story of the albums in such a way that multiple artists are bringing the story to life into a physical graphic novel with more parts on the way. Any fan of MCR’s career would want to have this in their collection. It truly is one of a kind and it needs your help!

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Gods Among Men

Creators: Josh Mak (Co-creator/Story writer), AARON MAK (Co-creator, Script writer, Letterer), Ben Sullivan (Artist)
Goal: $978
End Date: April 30
Goodies: The digital PDF for AU$5, the print copy for AU$10, the hardcover for AU$50, and at higher tiers get different bundles including prints, cards, foils, and much more.

One man’s desperate bid to save his restaurant and provide a better life for his family takes him on a descent into the criminal realm. A journey that reveals the familiar world of the mundane and the ethereal nature of the narcotic world really aren’t so different after all. BREAKING BAD x TRAINSPOTTING x TRUE CRIME coalesce into a whole more unfathomable than the sum of its parts

Gods Among Men caught our interest as it presented itself as a unique gangster tale, an unprecedented narco-noir. As you delve further into the project, you witness a family descending into the criminal world, all in the pursuit of protecting their restaurant and seeking a better life. It’s meant to appeal to fans of true-crime, social commentary, and dramas—essentially, fans of more sophisticated and edgier comics. If that ticks any boxes for you, make sure not to miss out on this project, as you only have 4 days left! That’s why we at The Beat can’t recommend this comic enough and why you should be interested in its story!

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