Welcome to this week’s edition of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us as we delve deep into the comic book industry, explore a magazine cassette, immerse ourselves in dark fantasy inspired by Lord of the Rings and Tim Burton creations, and much more!

Surviving Comics – The Documentary

Surviving Comics

Creators: Joe Nicklo (Director), Danny Soto (Co-Director), Mac Olink (Cinematographer), Matthew Tucker (cinematographer), Locksley Lennox (cinematographer/Visual effects)

Goal: $100,000

End Date: March 19

Goodies: Documentary BLURAY, Stickers, T-shirt, Swag Pack, limited edition hoodie, credits, and more.

Surviving Comics is a feature-length documentary currently in production that showcases the remarkable resilience of Comic Book Retail throughout the decades, surviving economic hardships, cultural shifts, global challenges and corporate agendas.

Surviving Comics delves into the struggles faced by shop owners as they navigate a highly competitive industry. It highlights the financial pressures, changing consumer behaviors, and evolving market dynamics that threaten the survival of these cherished establishments. By shedding light on these challenges, the documentary illuminates the dedication and determination of these shop owners to preserve the comic book medium.

Surviving Comics has a daunting goal; let’s get that out of the room. With that being said, there is something important here to talk about. This documentary was made for comic fans, to let fans know about the resilience of comic retail, but also the work and effort that went into getting that new Nightwing, Batman, Titans, and Transformers run into your hands every Wednesday. That story matters to the culture of comics. I couldn’t think of any comic fan who wouldn’t be interested in a documentary like this, all made by fans like you. That’s why we at The Beat are paying attention to this documentary! Make sure not to miss out on this little but important piece of comic history as backers are ensured it will reach its funding regardless of reaching its goal.

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Knapsack Magazine, Volume 1: Cassette

Creators: Knapsack Magazine comes from Lucky Pocket Press, a risograph press and artist collective. They accumulated over 19 different artists to work on this magazine including Amanda Castillo, Sunmi, Theo Stultz, Reetz, and more!

Goal: $15,276

End Date: March 23

Goodies: PDF copy of Knapsack Magazine, the physical copy, prints, keychains, and t-shirt!

Knapsack Magazine is a comics anthology that is a love letter to our collective weird kid nostalgia. Comics have been ever present through our lives, and with Knapsack Magazine we wanted to emulate our love for serialized manga publications like Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump, popularized in North America during the 90’s and early 2000’s. Knapsack is meant to fit snugly in your Jansport backpack, holding precious things, ready to be a friend on your way back from school. With this anthology, we hope to evoke the nostalgia and excitement of picking up a new manga after school and being swept away into an entirely new world.

Knapsack Magazine immediately popped out to us at The Beat. The magazine, with its multiple artists and unique press, is something fans of zines wouldn’t want to miss out on. Bringing the feel of a zine, wonderful art, and a unique and vibrant style, Knapsack Magazine‘s Kickstarter page says it all! There really aren’t many projects like this, and it truly is one of a kind. This isn’t something you want to miss out on and would be perfect for any comic fan’s collection.

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Cinder II: The Nodling

Creators: Zan Miller (Creator/Artist)

Goal: $500

End Date: April 11

Goodies: PDF copy of Cinder, a physical copy, stickers, variant covers, coloring pages, and more.

CINDER is the story of the immortal, fire-breathing skeleton “Cinder” and the candle-headed Nodling “Derpo”! All set within a spooky fantasy world, Cinder features a fresh take on: dialogue, format, art, and story telling that has not been seen before! Cinder and company will face: crushing odds, evil pumpkins, birds, ghouls, goblins, and much more in their journey through the land of Nod. What will it cost to keep Nod from being dominated by the bone-eating queen and her minions? Only one way to find out!

Taking a look at the art of Zan Miller is like being able to picture a thought from Tim Burton’s mind. Heck, Miller mentions in his own subheading that Cinder is best understood as Lord of the Rings meets Tim Burton, and it’s not hard to see why. His work is fantastic dark fantasy; his imagery pops out of the page with vibrant colors and mindboggling imagery. Make sure to check it out as it’s at the cusp of being funded and isn’t something you’ll want to ignore.

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Switchblade Stories

Creators: Chris Askham (Writer/Artist)

Goal: $639 

End Date: April 4

Goodies: A digital copy, physical copy, sketch cards, commissions, original artwork, and bundles of the previous issues!

Mindy Lou has never quite fit in with modern life. She’s never quite found her place at work or at home. Until one day a catalytic event sends her whole existence rocketing in a completely unexpected direction… Mindy Lou left her life in the suburbs and hit the road with barely a dollar to her name. After a run-in with Darla May and her all-girl gang, she soon joined up with the Main Street Furies.

Unbeknownst to the Furies, undercover cop Honeydew had her own plans for the gang. She had Darla May put behind bars and took over leadership as Mindy Lou’s second in command. Issue 5 ended with rival gang The Vipers and the Police Department waging an all-out war on the Furies home base. With Darla May now back on the streets, we take up the story six months later.

Chris Askham has been the driving force behind the ongoing creation of Switchblade Stories, delivering six issues of a captivating retro pulp-style comic book. The overwhelming support from fans speaks volumes, with over $3,000 crowdfunded, surpassing the initial $639 goal, and backed by over 100 supporters. For those who want to catch up, the opportunity to purchase missed issues ensures everyone can be up to speed. With its remarkable art, engaging narrative, and promising potential, Switchblade Stories has certainly caught our attention at The Beat, and we will be keeping a close eye on its release!

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Dragon Grit #1 – Fantasy Western (With Dragons!)

Creators: Caleb Palmquist (Co-Creator/Writer) Lorelei Jonason (Co-Creator and Writer), Kay Woolhiser (Illustrator)  Dave Lentz (Letterer/Designer)

Goal: $3,500

End Date: April 5

Goodies: A digital edition, A physical edition, variants, collector’s bundle, and more!

Who will love Dragon Grit?

Fans of:

  • gritty Western stories
  • dragon rider stories
  • stories about unlikely companions

If you like movies like Tombstone, True Grit, or Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, you’ll love Dragon Grit.

In an alternate reality where cowboys ride dragons instead of horses, Dragon Grit offers a fresh twist on the classic Western genre. It’s no wonder that out of their $3,500 goal, they’ve soared past $8,000 in funding. With its compelling storyline featuring an ex-outlaw seeking redemption while pursued by old rivals, Dragon Grit delivers everything a fan of the Old West and fantasy could desire. 

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Creators: Jimmy Palmiotti (Co-Writer), Craig Weeden (Co-Writer), Pier Brito (Artist), John J. Hill (Designer)

Goal: $38,000

End Date: March 20

Goodies: Digital Copy of  FANTASIMA, Physical copies of issues #1-3 with covers by Joe Linsner, SUPERSTAR vairant covers by Pier Brito, Dan Panosian, and Dave Johnson, and mystery covers. 

Bernado Burgos has been emotionally dead since his childhood when his parents and sister disappeared in a boating accident off the Chilean coast 20 years ago. All presumed dead, however when he spots his sister in a photo of a long-lost tribe at the Guggenheim museum. Bernado contacts the beautiful photographer and his oldest friend, and the search begins to find what remains of his family.

A witch’s curse, giant snakes, ghost warriors and an army of corporate loggers stand in his way. As he dives deep into the rainforest to track the lost tribe and his long-lost sister, who is now known to those that live deep in the forest as the mystical warrior FANTASIMA.

Along the way, Bernado makes a devastating discovery: he himself owns the company whose loggers are illegally clearcutting the beautiful rainforest. When the mercenary loggers ignore his order to stop, a horrific battle ensues. It’s an all-out assault as arrows, spears and ghost warriors do their best to battle against guns, grenades, and modern machinery. It’s then that Bernado realizes he’s not only fighting to save his sister and her tribe’s way of life… but his family’s honor as well.

Last call for FANTASIMA! The captivating covers alone speak volumes as to why over 700 backers have generously contributed over $56,000 towards this highly anticipated comic release. Boasting talents such as Linsner, Brito, Panosian, and Johnson, who have lent their expertise to the covers, and guided by the pen of Palmiotti, a multi-award-winning writer, FANTASIMA promises an exhilarating experience for fans of Red Sonja, Vampirella, or any aficionados of epic jungle action stories!

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Extremity: Signature Edition

Creators: Daniel Warren Johnson (Writer/Artist), Mike Spencer (Artist)

Goal: $40,000

End Date: March 27

Goodies: The hardcover copy of Extremity: Signature Edition, a digital thank you card, The Art of Extremity, an exclusive slipcase, and more. 

The EXTREMITY: SIGNATURE EDITION collects the art of all 12 issues of Daniel Warren Johnson’s masterwork EXTREMITY and presents them in a stunning new format at the same size as originally drawn.

Thea was an artist with a family that loved her and provided a life without worry.

But that was all taken away when the Paznina attacked the Roto. Now, Thea dreams—not of a better life—but of revenge upon the clan that ruined her family. Consumed by vengeance, and longing to regain what she’s lost, Thea follows her father down a dark path…

But how far is she willing to go?

At The Beat, it’s impossible to overlook this remarkable piece in our Kickstarter Roundup. Daniel Warren Johnson’s Kickstarter campaign for the hardcover special edition of his Eisner Award-nominated series Extremity achieved full funding in just 27 minutes. As of now, it’s surpassed $197,000 in support. The palpable enthusiasm of fans is evident through the webpage, and with limited copies selling out quickly, don’t hesitate to visit their Kickstarter before it’s too late!

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