Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us for a look into the post-post-technological apocalypse, a story about toxic love, grimdark horror, and more!

Creators: Mark Abnett (Writer), Chris Connelly (Artist), Rob Jones (Letterer), Dom Regan (Colourist), Daniel Carvalho (Assistant Colorist)
Goal: $2,506
End Date: May 29
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for 6 GBP, the physical copy for 13 GBP, the print for 18 GBP, or at higher tiers get the full print package, T-shirt package, and more.

Man’s technology has betrayed him.
So he created something else.
This is the story of the Schism.

Adriana Solero-Hunter guards the walls of Olot, the last remaining settlement in snow-covered Spain.
She has been pushed to breaking point.
Controlled and corrupted by those around her, she will reclaim her life.
This is the story of her death.

The story of Schism actually starts at the end, specifically Adriana Solero-Hunter’s death. Dying to a giant cyborg bear, and seemingly coming back from the dead to seek revenge on those who controlled and corrupted her. If that wasn’t enough to get you into this comic, let me tell you the art already looks fantastic, and knowing that this apocalyptical world was caused by man’s hubris only made us at The Beat even more intrigued. If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi and tough-as-nails protagonists, SCHISM is for you! 

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L’amour est un Brasier

Creators: Ceti
Goal: $1,285
End Date: May 31
Goodies: Get the digital copy for 5 GBP, an art print for 15 GBP, the fanzine for 20 GBP in either French or English, or at higher tiers, a bundle of the fanzine, prints, stickers, and much more!

Hello! and thanks for being here

My project, “Love is a Blaze is a 28-page graphic novel written and illustrated by myself.

“Love is a Brazier” is a poem, a litany that degrades over time. This narrative mechanism mirrors its theme: the intense feelings experienced during and after a toxic love.

L’amour est un Brasier immediately caught my attention with the art piece that sits on its page. You get lost in it; it’s just black and white but it’s so detailed and in its own way haunting. To find out that the theme of the comic is a poem about intense feelings during a toxic love and how heartache is universal, I can’t help but be enamored with what Ceti is trying to do with this comic. If you are a fan of art, stories, poems, and love, I would be remiss not to mention this comic to you. Don’t miss out on this project. 

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The Curse

Creators: Alexander Gabriel ZoderoT (Writer/Artist)
Goal: $1,070
End Date: June 2
Goodies: The exclusive digital PDF for 3 GBP, the softcover copy for 29 GBP, the hardcover for 39 GBP, or at higher tiers signed copies., past works, and an enlarged deluxe edition. 

A 286-page graphic adaptation unfolds, brimming with vivid dark imagery, where Horrid Dark Fantasy entwines with Spirituality, blending gold with blood in prose and poetry, all ensconced in an utterly unique old-ballad-style narrative.

When I look at the art for the curse, it feels like the ink from the page is dripping right out. It’s fantastic, even with a strange yet intriguing story, you would be enamored simply with its pages of grimdark horror art. I mean, even I got lost looking over this project simply from the pictures, visceral and dark emotions pour from the characters’ faces. It literally makes the graphic novel, well, cursed. I would be wrong not to have our fans of grimdark fantasy check this project out, make sure to not miss out. 

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Kaijus & Cowboys

Creators: Matthew Blair (Writer), Frankie B. Washington (Artist) 
Goal: $2,000
End Date: May 15
Goodies: Get the digital copy for $5, the physical copy for $10,the whole collection of works for $15, or at higher tiers get the variant covers, trading cards, and exclusive bundles. 

When we left our heroes, they were in a desperate race against time as a truly MASSIVE monster awoke beneath their feet. Now, they’re running and fighting for their lives as they try to escape the horde of kaiju in order to warn their fellow robots.

This is the 4th issue of the series, and there are plenty of reasons to want to be involved in this project. The story being about Kaijus and Cowboys should have been the main reason anyone should want to support this project. Thing is, once you get to look at the art, you’ll realize that the project is very reminiscent of old alien and kaiju movies. It’s bright, it’s colorful, and most importantly it’s so weird that you can’t help but love it. 

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Creators: R.E. Burke (Creator)
Goal: $3,759
End Date: May 26
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for 5 GBP, the physical copy for 15 GBP, and an exclusive riso-printed poster for 25 GBP. 

Over-Inkers #2, ‘A Helping Hand’ is a comic anthology about mental health narratives, containing real stories shared by real human creative-types. 

This comic is the second release of the series, the first being about strength and this release being about mental health. I can’t help but be in love with these comics. The artwork is a collaboration between various artists, all with stories centered on mental health. You can tell Burke really wanted to help, to make sure others didn’t feel alone, and to share stories that could help others in similar situations. Altogether this comic is fantastic and worth supporting its release, make sure not to miss out on it. 

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