Didn’t expect to be back here so soon, huh? Less than two weeks ago I published my last article on WEBTOON’s upcoming monetization program – called “Super Likes” and to my surprise, they launched it much earlier than expected.

Expected to launch within the coming weeks after the initial announcement for WEBTOON Canvas and projected to launch for WEBTOON Originals within the second half of 2024, the Super Like program surprised Canvas creators on the official WEBTOON Canvas Discord on April 29th with an announcement that it would be launching within the next 24 hours. Confirmation that the program had gone live came shortly after. More details were revealed in a new episode of The Canvas Corner, with information on how creators can apply for the program if their series has over 500 likes to qualify. You can read the Canvas Corner episode on Super Likes here.

According to WEBTOON, the reason why the Super Like program launched early is simply that Super Likes was always intended to launch in Spring of 2024, with the program rolling out later for WEBTOON Originals series, in Summer 2024.

Creators respond – Super “not” Liked

Not too long after the Super Likes program launched, many creators enrolled into the program, myself included. Creators quickly noticed that the program wasn’t quite what they had initially expected — with many surprises revealed after reading through the terms of service, FAQs, and exploring the Super Like dashboard.

screenshot within the Super Like tab showing the Monthly estimated total net revenue and the amount due.
A view of the top of the page in the Super Like tab if you’re in the program.

The first thing many creators noticed is the payout threshold. Creators won’t get a payout until a $100 threshold is reached, similar to how the the Ad Share and the former Creator Rewards Program on WEBTOON works. For creators to receive money from their Super Fans, they need to at least generate $100 USD in Super Like revenue in that month to get a payout. The Super Like revenue does not stack with the monies earned from Ad Share to reach this threshold, as they are two separate monetization programs. Creators also won’t lose any money if they get to the end of that month if they do not reach the threshold in that amount of time. It will carry over to the following month until the income from Super Likes reach $100 USD or more.

pop up in the Super Like tab explaining that creators must reach $100 before payment is processed.
Pressing the (i) next to where it says Est.Payment will bring up this notification.

According to WEBTOON, the reason there is a payout threshold in place is due to transaction fees associated with each payment submitted to creators. The payment threshold is instituted to help the Super Like program remain sustainable and competitive with other similar monetization programs for online content creators, as transaction fees for creators around the world also need to be covered by WEBTOON.

The other complaint from creators is about how Super Likes are implemented into the app. More specifically, the lack of any indicator that a Super Like has been given to an episode after purchase – or even how many Super Likes were given for that episode is not visible to creators. Giving a Super Like also does not affect the overall Likes the episode has, which can be confusing for readers. Currently, the only way readers/fans can tell if they left a Super Like for their favorite WEBTOON creator is by going to the Super Like tab on the WEBTOON website.

screenshot showing where the Super Like purchasing icon is located on the bottom left of the screen.
As seen here there is no number indicator or any kind to know if a Super Like has been left or not. Only a prompt to purchase one.

According to WEBTOON, they will continue to make improvements to the program over time, including making Super Likes more visible to users. One idea floated out there is making a pink heart icon visible on episodes so readers know if they sent a Super Like on that episode or not.

Another complaint from WEBTOON Canvas creators about initial rollout of Super Likes was the replacement of the Patreon button at the end of episodes with a button to purchase Super Likes for the series that are enrolled in the program. If a WEBTOON Canvas series isn’t enrolled in Super Likes, the section at the end of an episode, after the author’s note would remain blank. 

UPDATE: WEBTOON responded to the outcry from creators over this change, and has promised to address it. See “WEBTOON responds” section below.

Many creators rely on services like Patreon to get financial support from fans. Removing the options for fans to support their favorite creators via Patreon puts creators at risk for losing a potentially valuable source of income.

before and after of how the Patreon button was replaced with the Super Like button at the end of episodes
Before (top) and After (bottom) of how the Patreon button has been replaced with super Likes. I feel both could exist if done right.

After the initial rollout of the WEBTOON Super Like program earlier this week, many WEBTOON Canvas comics creators took to social media to voice their concerns. Some even offered suggestions to WEBTOON about ways the platform/app could re-implement the Patreon button alongside the new Super Like button.

Here are a few examples posted by  ExplodiKidd (creator of Covenant), or Deoidesign (creator of Time and Time Again).

Mockup by explodikid_ of the Patreon and Super Like button co-exist ing at the end of the episode.
Concept for how WEBTOON can have the Patreon and Super Like buttons coexist by Explodikid
Mockup by deoidesign of the Patreon and Super Like button coexisting.
Another concept idea by deoidesign

Here’s a sampling of comments from WEBTOON Canvas creators about their first impressions of the Super Like program:

emilyerdosart (creator of Blades of Furry)
When a platform doesn’t listen to the ‘why’ creators aren’t happy with the changes no one asked for and instead, double down, makes it more apparent that these moves aren’t ‘for the creators’ it’s for the investors to funnel more of the profits directly to them ¯_(ツ)_/¯

catfish_pond(creator of Little Mizzi Muffet and the Spider King)
In light of other creator’s reviews, I’m not going to apply for Super Likes. Since they discontinued the Creator Reward Bonus, Patreon has been the only reason I can continue work on my comic. The Patreon button at the end of my eps is more valuable than splitting tips w/ WT.

HannahAlexArt (creator of ForeverAfter)
Dear readers, I highly recommend subbing to your fav creators Patreons instead. You’ll get exclusive access to art and all the money goes directly to them. If you want to support indie artists, that’s the best way. Cheers!

Catcoconutart (creator of [un]Divine)
The small print tells you all there is to know that “Super Likes” are just a cash grab for WEBTOON to squeeze more out of creators.

Joukijo (creator of Forget Me Now)
They removed the patreon button AGAIN from the place it matters the most, at the end of episodes. Even if you don’t enable super likes patreon button is gone. WEBTOON takes a cut of this ON TOP of patreon fees after payout for work they pay NOTHING for.

WEBTOON getting rid of the Patreon button and instead adding a tip system that they probably benefit from the most is actually disgusting how low can you sink as a company that is supposed to SUPPORT ARTISTS

Rotaniah (creator of Star Catcher)
As amazing as a new monetization program is, creators NEED to have the patreon button at the end of eps. Many of us rely on other sites such as patreon to earn a livable wage off of our comics, and taking that button away will put a lot of people at risk of losing that income

inmapollito (creator of The Violinist and the Nerd)
This is important, especially for authors who don’t appear on the Patreon search (those with R18 enabled can only be accessed through a direct link, not the Patreon search). Please,@webtoonofficial, let us have the Patreon button at the end of chapters like before, we need this.

WEBTOON responds

In the face of the complaints from WEBTOON creators, WEBTOON confirmed on Wednesday via X/Twitter that they will be revisiting the product design for Super Likes so the Patreon and Super Like buttons can be easily found at the end of episodes.

But that left another complaint about the system from Canvas creators: the amount of revenue they will receive from fans’ Super Likes.

According to the Canvas Corner episode explaining how Super Likes works, creators will only receive 70% of the gross net revenue, with the remaining 30% going to pay for application and in-app fees for the Apple App Store and Google Play (WEBTOON does not receive any share of the app store fees). After this, WEBTOON will reserve another 30% of the net revenue for operational costs, transaction costs, and other expenses associated to running the platform.

UPDATE: WEBTOON representatives clarified that the 70% figure comes from the net revenues, not gross revenue from Super Likes.

For example, if a creator receives $100 USD gross income in Super Likes, there will be a 30% deduction as a result of fees that go to the Apple App Store and Google Play store, leaving the creator with $70 USD. But after this, WEBTOON will take 30% of the $70 for the aforementioned costs associated with running the platform. This will leave the creator with roughly $49 USD while WEBTOON takes $21 USD. A good way to visualize this is in this flowchart illustrated by @momojiji_radar on X/Twitter.

Note by Momojiji: “Webtoon Fees” is not a term defined by WEBTOON. WEBTOON only states that Creators will receive 70% of NET Revenue, this graph assumes that the remainder 30% of Net Revenue stays with WEBTOON.”

This breakdown of how much money ends up in the pocket of the comics creators is the primary concern about Super Likes that’s being hotly discussed on social media, and rightly so. Super Likes are positioned as a  “tipping system” — a way for creators to generate revenue from readers/fans on WEBTOON. When the $100 USD threshold for payouts is factored in, many creators were left with the impression that the funds from Super Likes from fans and readers will take a while to receive, and a good chunk of the gross revenue will be used to pay transaction fees and commissions.

UPDATE: WEBTOON representatives clarified that WEBTOON covers PayPal and Patreon processing fees when a payout is made to these services.

Representatives from WEBTOON pointed out this is similar to how YouTube’s Super Thanks work, where creators also receive 70% after sales tax and app store fees are calculated. It’s also not too far off from Twitch’s Bits, where creators get 80% per $0.01 USD for each “Bit,” and Twitch receiving the remaining 20%.

Comparing Super Likes with other sites’ fan-generated monetization systems was little comfort to WEBTOON creators who got the impression that they’d be making less than 50% of the money from fans’ Super Likes. Some creators mentioned on social media that they’re opting out of the program for now, because they don’t want their readers/fans to financially support a series through a system where creators end up with less than half of the total.

The other issue is the delays for payment that would come with the payout threshold limits. By requiring that creators wait until their payout reaches the $100 minimum, many creators will likely have to wait weeks, months, or even more than a year to get a payout, depending on the amount of Super Likes they receive from readers.

These factors and more have prompted some creators to voice their opinion that for now, they’ll be sticking to services such as Ko-Fi or Patreon, where creators receive a bigger chunk of the revenue generated from fan support.

Section 3 of the Super Like Terms of Service with the highlighted text "There is no Guarantee that creators will earn revenue as a result of their participation in the program."
Stings seeing this in the Terms of Service

Behind the Super Likes curtain 

So with all this in mind, how does the program work? The first thing that many WEBTOON Canvas creators will notice on their dashboard is a new tab on the bottom titled “Super Likes”. Clicking this tab will take creators to the Super Likes program page. If a Canvas creator’s series has over 500 likes, they can apply to join the Super Likes program.

As a Canvas creator, I was able to join rather easily after reading the terms of service, which assures creators that they will maintain their IP rights to their series. The terms also require that the creator agree to WEBTOON’s community policies and uploading guidelines. Pretty standard stuff.

Once in the program, the Super Like page will detail how much creators have made in Super Likes revenue that month, and the amount that will be paid out, once the payout threshold is met. The dashboard also displays the amount of Super Likes sent to other creators/comics series as a reader/fan.

Creators will also need to set up their payment information to receive payments from WEBTOON. As of this writing, there are two payout options: PayPal and Patreon. Other payment processing options, such as Stripe or even e-Checks could be other possible options for receiving payments.

WEBTOON Canvas creators can opt out of the Super Like program at anytime — there’s no requirement to stay with the program for any set period of time. If a creator opts out of the program, they can re-register within 30 days and their Super Likes account information, including their net revenue, payment history, and payment information will be retained.

However, if a WEBTOON creator’s account has been suspended or terminated from the program if WEBTOON suspects or determines that they have violated the Agreement and/or the Terms, the payment information from past transactions will be removed.

For fans/readers: How to purchase Super Likes

Readers will see a prompt on the bottom left of their WEBTOON screen to “tap here to purchase a Super Like!” It’s located right next to the standard “Like” button on the mobile app. However, this option only appears on on iOS/Android versions of the WEBTOON app – it does not appear on the desktop version. 

According to WEBTOON, the goal is to give the most accessibility to the program for creators and users. The other reason being to abide by policies from Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

image of the Super Like purchasing options
Some of the Super Like purchase options on display.

Once a reader decides to send a Super Like, they are offered a menu of options to purchase Super Likes. The lowest tier is 5 Super Likes for the equivalent of $1 USD, but goes all the way up to 500 Super Likes for the equivalent of $100 USD. To quote the terms of service once more, “you can spend up to US$500 per day, or US$2,000 per week.”

A Canvas creator’s thoughts on Super Likes 

When I first heard of a new tipping monetization system on WEBTOON when the Creator Rewards program was being phased out, the first thought that came to my mind was that WEBTOON would implement a system similar to the tip jar/donation platform myself and a few other creators would sometimes use: Ko-Fi. While Ko-Fi isn’t perfect, the basic idea is that readers/fans can “buy a coffee” for their favorite creator. Ko-Fi support starts at $3 USD – but it can be set it to any other amount readers choose. Ko-Fi also offers the option for fans to be anonymous or not, with the added option to send a message to the creator they’re supporting. Most importantly, the creator gets the money right away. 

Ko-Fi’s system is what I was expecting when WEBTOON announced the Super Likes program. However, as WEBTOON representatives have stressed, Super Likes is NOT a “tipping program” like Ko-Fi, but has more in common with monetization programs like YouTube’s Super Thanks. 

The $100 payment threshold for Super Likes means it could take weeks for creators to see funds transferred to their accounts, and only if their series is popular or has dedicated fans willing to send money regularly. But for WEBTOON Canvas creators without a lot of fans to send them Super Likes, it might likely take months before they’ll get their first payout.

Given all of the things I’ve described so far, as a WEBTOON Canvas creator, I tend to agree with these top comments on the Canvas Corner episode on Super Likes: readers should show their support more directly, through tipping services like Patreon.

users commenting on using Patreon to support creators over Super Likes.
the users have spoken!

Creators will receive more of the money via Patreon, and readers will be eligible to receive the added bonuses and perks from different tiers of financial support. If a WEBTOON Canvas creator has a Ko-Fi account, I also suggest buying them a coffee via Ko-Fi, as the money goes directly to them with a very minimal fees applied. To put it simply, there are other ways to support WEBTOON Canvas creators that help them get more money, more quickly than sending them Super Likes.

UPDATE: This all comes not too long after the recent, anonymous criticism of alleged changes to the WEBTOON Originals contract that have not been verified, and have been disputed by other creators. WEBTOON has been clear that the post in criticism in question is built on a misinterpretation of its contracts.   

Add on top of that the rise of generative AI, competing webcomic platforms with their own pros and cons, and now, with news of WEBTOON going public with their upcoming IPO, we’re just seeing more and more startups trying to cash in on webcomics as a way to make a quick buck at the expense of artists. (Something I most definitely will be writing about soon!) 

There are other factors influencing this current state of affairs that goes beyond WEBTOON, including what is involved with running a comics publishing platform on mobile devices.

I have also noticed on the iOS/Android app, there is now a Super Like ranking of series on WEBTOON based on how many Super Likes a series has received. While this idea sounds nice, it really puts a lot of pressure on creators, as now their series is being ranked not only by how many Super Likes they get from fans, but also how much money is being paid to the creator. For example, the current #1 series has 1300 Super Likes, which comes out to about $252 USD spent by fans and readers. This excludes the deductions from the various transaction and service fees from WEBTOON and payment service providers. With the pressure to publish new content weekly, there’s concerns that this new Super Likes ranking will be an added source of stress/pressure for webtoon creators.

Super Like rankings on WEBTOON Canvas
the new Super Like rankings section in WEBTOON Canvas’ page on mobile devices.


One paper, allowing fans to show their support for creators on WEBTOON Canvas with micro-donations sounds great! However, how the program is designed now isn’t what creators, myself included, expected.

UPDATE: WEBTOON representatives have clarified that Super Likes is not meant to be a “tipping system,” but closer to monetization programs like YouTube’s SuperThanks.

 The user interface for the Super Likes program is pretty similar to the WEBTOON Ad Share program, including how revenue is withheld until creators reach a threshold for payout.

Example of how the UI in the WEBTOON Ad share program looks. Pretty similar to the Super Likes UI.

WEBTOON’s Super Likes is a program that eligible WEBTOON Canvas can opt into — it’s not required to publish your comics or make money from posting your comics on WEBTOON. But given all of the things I’ve described about the Super Like program as it is now, I’ll be sticking to Ko-Fi and/or Patreon, services that allow me to get more of the revenue from fan support, and the added benefit of giving bonus content to my supporters through these services.

Given the reception that the Super Like program has received in its initial rollout, it needs to change, if WEBTOON hopes to have more creators utilize it for their comics series. Some creators on Canvas have either opted-out of the program once they found out more details on the matter, and have expressed the opinion that’s they’re going to stick with some of the other tipping/fan support options before signing up for Super Likes. WEBTOON has responded to some of these complaints from creators, and we can probably expect to see more adjustments to be announced as they roll out this program to WEBTOON Originals creators later this year.

What do you think about the new WEBTOON Super Like program?  If you’re a WEBTOON reader, will you be supporting your favorite artists and creators this way? If you’re a WEBTOON creator, do you like what you see so far, or is there anything you would like to see changed? Add your comments below!

UPDATE: This article has been updated to reflect that the fees associated with payment processors like PayPal and Patreon are included in the fees described in the Super Likes program.

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You can also read my previous article on Super Likes here on The Beat. You can also read on the drama surrounding the Webtoon Originals Contract here. Until the next article my adorable nerd birbs!