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I've been writing for The Beat since July of 2010. I've been reading comics since 1974, collecting since 1984, and spreading the graphic novel gospel since 1994. I'm a bookseller, a librarian, an amateur scholar, a cool uncle, and a comics evangelist. Ask me anything!

KAWS made $14 million from Bill Morrison art, and Morrison isn’t...

When copies of comics art appear in glass houses, should creators throw stones?

We are not in a “golden age” of comics

If you'd like to discuss this, I know a nice coffeehouse in Vienna, not too far from the University. Try the Mozart Café or the Einspänner.

NYCC ’19 Team Q&A: ReedPOP listens to fans about what went...

The annual talk back panel featured a snapshot of many issues.

NYCC ’19: Javits construction continues concurrently with comic con

How is the new Javits construction progressing, and what could it mean for the future of NYCC?

Disney celebrates Jack Kirby’s birthday with Eternals exhibition!

Visitors to Disney's Hollywood Studios can visit a special exhibition showcasing Jack Kirby and his creation The Eternals.

D23 Expo 2019: Disney Parks tease major new attractions!

Epcot Transformation, Star Wars cruise ship, Avengers assemble!

Comics win big at the 2019 Hugo Awards

Monstress, Wonder Woman, and Miles Morales took home trophies.

SDCC’19: All the video from “Marvel Live”!

Watch the full feeds from Marvel Live, live (on tape) from Marvel's Comic-Con booth!

SDCC’19: What?!? When!?!: Thoughts on Marvel’s Phase 4

It's time to update your Google calendar, as Marvel Studios names their Phase 4 movies and shows for 2020 and 2021!

SDCC ‘19: Watchtower Special: The Satanic Spider-Man?

Face front, True Believers! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

SDCC ‘19: Watchtower Thursday: Beyond words and pictures

We dig up all the news buried underneath celebrity appearances and publisher publicity!