The recently-teased Scott Snyder (Batman), Charles Soule (Daredevil), and Giuseppe Camuncoli (The Amazing Spider-Man) Image Comics collaboration has finally been revealed: Undiscovered Country is a new ongoing adventure and science fiction series that explores a wall-off United States that has opened its gates for the first time in 30 years.

In Undiscovered Country, readers will journey into an unknown region that was once the United States of America – a land that’s become shrouded in mystery and literally walled-off from the rest of the world for decades. A small expedition enters the former US in search of a cure to a humanity-ending pandemic. They travel inward and learn the secrets of what America has become; each member seeking their own form of truth in the undiscovered country.

It’s a fascinating premise, and one that connected with fans when Image first teased the series on Twitter on July 4. I got the chance to read the unedited and uncoloured ashcan copy of the first issue, and the scope of this story does indeed seem promising. On Twitter, Soule claimed that some fans will be able to get their hands on a copy of the retailer-exclusive ashcan during San Diego Comic-Con International.

“As soon as Charles and I came up with this idea I knew it was special – one of those things that turns into big, wild, world-building story,” Snyder said in a statement. “And this series is just that: a twist-filled trek across a landscape that’s alien, mysterious, and full of adventure.”

He continued, “It’s like Land of the Lost meets Lewis and Clark, with a team of characters we’ve already come to love as family. Speaking of teams, I’m honored and thrilled to be working with this group of creative folks. Cammo not only brings the world of Undiscovered Country to life but elevates every element – whether we’re talking the giant terrestrial fish monsters of the coast or lurking techno-zombies of the northwest… Bottom line, Undiscovered Country is a blast to work on and we’re convinced it’ll be a blast to read.”

“Cammo” refers to Camuncoli, an artist who has previously collaborated with both writers, most notably with Soule for their recent Darth Vader run. He is no stranger to creator-owned comics, having co-created Green Valley with… eh, Max Landis. All joking aside, Camuncoli is a remarkably strong storyteller whose knack for expressions and environments will make this book one to watch out for.

Joining him on colours is Matt Wilson, who is one of the best colourists in the industry. Wilson’s palette will undoubtedly add a layer of strange beauty to this twisted version of the United States.

Soule added, “I can’t believe this is my job. Working with Scott, Cammo, and the rest of the team – all stars every one – is a dream on a creative level. We’ve got ourselves a hell of a high concept here and fleshing it out together – filling our sealed-off US with beautiful, insane adventures – has been one of the great thrills of my career.”

“From the concept to the cast, to the world-building – everything in this book is terrific, and so is the team we have assembled to make it happen,” said Camuncoli on his new project. “So, enter my Darth Vader partner in crime Daniele Orlandini, the maestro of nuances Matt Wilson and the super letterer Crank! and then you end up feeling like playing in a superband, like Temple of the Dog, or Them Crooked Vultures.”

Rounding out the team is editor Will Dennis, known for his work on Vertigo books like 100 Bullets and creator-owned comics such as Gideon Falls.

Snyder and Soule inject a lot of energy and excitement into their creator-owned projects, so this book is definitely one worth checking out.

Undiscovered Country #1 will be available in comic shops and digitally this November. Check out a mock-up of the cover below.


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