Out of all the exclusive merchandise at SDCC, nothing matches the fervor per square inch like Lego’s exclusive minifigs. The tiny figures, available nowhere besides Comic-Con, routinely command big bucks on the secondary market. Lego announced the latest addition to this highly sought after series of products, Zebra Batman.

Lego Zebra Batman minifig

I, for one, am looking forward to an entire Lego Bat-Safari. I won’t be happy until I can create the opening sequence of The Lion King entirely out of Batman minifigs.

Lego Zebra Batman celebrates 2019’s two major milestones with special Batman 80th anniversary and SDCC 50th anniversary packaging.

SDCC Zebra Batman packaging

Lucky winners will take home Zebra Batman on Saturday, July 20. Attendees will have a chance to win this minifigure in a randomized instant-win drawing  at the Lego booth that day. Good luck on your hunt!

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