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Black Label

SDCC ’19: Joker dominates DC’s Black Label

Black Label provides space to tell more mature stories with classic DC characters.
SDCC panel on 80 years of Batman

SDCC ‘19: DC reminisces on and celebrates 80 years of Batman

What is it about the Caped Crusader that still makes him so great?

SDCC ‘19: Review: Batman’s still caped crusading in BATMAN: HUSH, but...

Jennifer Morrison's Selina Kyle steals the show.

Spider-Man beats ARKHAM CITY for best-selling superhero game in the states

Does this mean Spidey would win in a fight?

SDCC ’19: BATMAN BEYOND gets an HD remaster

DC is coming for your wallets.

SDCC ’19: Watch highlights from Batman’s 80th anniversary event & an...

Alex & Kyle venture into Arkham Asylum at SDCC.
Batman Hall of Fame

SDCC ’19: Comic-Con Hall of Fame takes Batman under its wing

The Dark Knight is honored on his 80th birthday.

20 Overlooked Songs about the Batman Family For Your Superhero Playlist

Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Catwoman gives chase in BATMAN: HUSH clip

The iconic Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee storyline comes to life!

Master of Horror JOHN CARPENTER to co-write Joker story for DC

The director of Halloween will take on the JOKER for DC's Year of the Villain Event! Also, what would a peak John Carpenter Joker movie look like?

60 Neglected Songs About Batman For Your Superhero Playlist, Part 3

One of the most interesting realizations in gathering these Batman songs has been that while the Caped Crusader has absolutely nothing on Superman in...

Lego Zebra Batman Exclusive to SDCC 2019

Joker, Joker, what do you hear? I hear a Zebra Batman braying in my ear!