Last year, DC Comics released Batman #428: Robin Lives! The ‘fauxsimile’ edition of the iconic “A Death in the Family” issue where second Robin Jason Todd dies featured alternate pages by Jim StarlinJim Aparo, and Mike DeCarlo in which Jason survived the Joker-orchestrated warehouse explosion. Now DC is set to explore what happens after Jason’s survival in a new four-issue miniseries. From the DC Vault: Death in the Family: Robin Lives! is written by J.M. DeMatteis, with art by Rick Leonardi

Here’s how DC describes the series:

In 1988, DC raised the revolutionary idea to let fans decide the fate of then-Robin Jason Todd by calling a 1-800 number and casting a vote. Originally, fans decided that Jason would pay the ultimate price at the hands of The Joker, but a new facsimile of the original Batman #428 was released in December of 2023, featuring an alternate ending in which Jason lives. Now, for the first time, readers will witness his plans for revenge against the Clown Prince of Crime.

Along with a main cover by Leonardi, From the DC Vault: Death in the Family: Robin Lives #1 will also be available with a variant cover by Mike Mignola, original cover artist on the four-part “A Death in the Family” story in Batman #426 through 429. The variant cover art features a modern take by Mignola on his original covers, combined into one unique piece:

In a statement announcing the series, both DeMatteis and Leonardi described the experience of working on this unique project:

“Continuing this classic, and controversial, story and following in the footsteps of Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo, two creators I greatly admire, has been both a challenge and a joy,” said DeMatteis. “This is a great opportunity to tell a story that’s big on action, but also takes a very deep dive into the heads of our main characters as we ponder what would have happened if Jason Todd had survived The Joker’s brutal attack. And having a master like Rick Leonardi bringing it to life visually? I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Leonardi added: “I’m hoping this series will give readers a look down the path not chosen; a glimpse of the alternative to the original fallout from Batman #428. After people read it, maybe this choice made back in the day will seem vindicated, or maybe we’ll see that it was a poor choice after all.”

Back when the aforementioned ‘fauxsimile’ edition was released in December of 2023, this reviewer pondered the many what-ifs raised by Jason’s alternate survival. It’s exciting to see DC exploring the storytelling possibilities presented by that scenario, and DeMatteis and Leonardi holding the reins on the series is icing on the cake.

Check out unfinished pages by Leonardi from the series’s first issue below. Look for From the DC Vault: Death in the Family: Robin Lives #1 (of 4) to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, July 10th.