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Joe Grunenwald is a writer and editor living in the Pacific Northwest. He's taller than a lot of people but not as tall as some people.

CRISIS CRASH COURSE: Infinite Earths and Hyper Times

Everything you ever wanted to know about time travel in the Arrowverse, but were afraid to ask.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Jerri Butler meets The Wolfman in COUNT CROWLEY #2

Will the fill-in horror host survive this surprising encounter?

The Rock reveals BLACK ADAM film release date, Jim Lee-drawn concept...

Shazam!'s arch-nemesis is coming to a theater near you.

AHOY Comics unveils its next wave of titles and collections

A trio of offbeat offerings are coming in the fourth wave of AHOY Comics titles next Spring.

Pau’s BABOON promises monkey mayhem for readers of all ages

The graphic novel tells the tale of a baboon who reconnects with his lost tribe.

RAIDERS by Freedman & CROM unearths a new fantasy adventure at...

The book follows two dungeon-raiding brothers who unwittingly uncover a secret that could remake their entire society.

First CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS trailer teases new characters and new...

The first spot for the epic crossover features appearances by Black Lightning, the Superman of Kingdom Come, and...Lex Luthor?

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Lou fights for his nine lives in STRAYED #4

Can the astral-projecting cat recover from the physical toll of his abilities?


It's an ARROW-centric week as we look at why the heroes of 2040 might be back in 2019, and get a sneak peek at the opening titles for the CRISIS crossover.

LEGO unveils massive 1989 Batmobile set for Batman’s 80th birthday

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Garth Ennis and P.J. Holden tell the tale of THE STRINGBAGS...

The graphic novel tells the true story of a squadron of biplanes during World War II.

Recap: ARROW S8E4 – “Present Tense”

Present meets future as two Team Arrows join forces to stop a new threat in Star City that's all too familiar to the heroes of 2040.