Earlier this month DC and Marvel announced a pair of new omnibus editions, DC Versus Marvel Omnibus and DC Versus Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus, collecting, respectively, their classic crossover one-shots and the three DC Versus Marvel miniseries and Amalgam Universe tie-ins of the ’90s. Preliminary cover art for the bookstore editions of these books have been floating around since the announcement was made, and today at ComicsPro DC unveiled final versions of those covers, as well as an in-progress look at the direct market variant cover for the Amalgam Age omnibus, featuring artwork by DC Publisher, President, and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee.

Here’s Lee’s in-progress variant cover for the book:

The final cover art for the DC Versus Marvel Omnibus mass market edition has also been revealed by DC, though it’s been available to view on the Penguin Random House site for much of today. Where a preliminary cover featured art by John Romita Jr. repurposed from the DC/Marvel Crossover Classics Volume 2 collection, the new cover features art by George Pérez repurposed from the original The Marvel/DC Collection: Crossover Classics trade paperback. The mass market edition of DC Versus Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus include wraparound cover artwork by Dave Gibbons, originally featured on a previous collection of Amalgam comics. Those covers, as well as info on each book’s contents, below:

DC Versus Marvel Omnibus collects Batman/Captain America #1, Batman/Daredevil #1, Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire #1, Batman/Spider-Man #1, Daredevil/Batman #1, DC Special Series #27, Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger #1, Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances #1, Incredible Hulk vs. Superman #1, Marvel and DC Present Featuring the Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans #1, Marvel Treasury Edition #28, Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights #1, Silver Surfer/Superman #1, Spider-Man and Batman #1, Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man #1, and Superman/Fantastic Four #1.

DC/Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus collects DC Versus Marvel #1-4, DC/Marvel: All Access #1-4, Unlimited Access #1-4, Bat-Thing #1, Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, Bullets and Bracelets #1, Challengers of the Fantastic #1, Doctor Strangefate #1, Iron Lantern #1, Legends of the Dark Claw #1, Lobo the Duck #1, Speed Demon #1, Spider-Boy #1, Super Soldier #1, Thorion of the New Asgods #1, X-Patrol #1, and more, plus a host of behind-the-scenes material.

Each of the DC/Marvel crossover omnibus collections carries a cover price of $150, and is due out in stores on Tuesday, August 6th.


  1. Weird choices by Lee : one villain among the heroes, ladies in the background and no member of JLX. and i’m not convinced by his Spider-Boy.

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