It’s been almost two weeks since the Deadpool 3 Deadpool & Wolverine trailer debuted online leading to lots of speculation regarding what may happen next to the franchise, becoming the most-watched superhero movie trailer in history. Marvel publishing is wasting no time capitalizing on the popularity of Deadpool and Wolverine team-ups such as the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII miniseries. Fans can expect even more Deadpool/Wolverine clashes this summer with Weapon X-Traction, a series of backup stories running across eight Marvel titles from writer Ryan North and artist Javier Garrón.

It all kicks off in the pages of Incredible Hulk #14 this July. Stay tuned to learn what other issues will play host to this thrilling new Wolverine/Deadpool adventure.

Weapon X-TractionOfficial press release below:

It’s the summer of pop culture’s favorite frenemies: Deadpool and Wolverine! Just in time for Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine film this July, a special new team-up saga will run across eight Marvel titles this summer as bonus backup tales!

Written by Ryan North (Fantastic Four) and drawn by Javier Garrón (Avengers), WEAPON X-TRACTION will begin in July’s Incredible Hulk #14. With no increase on the select issue’s pricing, the backup stories will give readers a dose of Wolverine/Deadpool action at no extra charge!

WEAPON X-TRACTION kicks off when a weary Wolverine runs into a clingy Deadpool at a favorite watering hole. From this humble beginning, they embark on an epic journey of non-friendship that will carry them across the multiverse, battling zombies and gun-wielding librarians and of course one another!