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The Marvel Rundown: Midgard’s Fate is Sealed in WAR OF THE...

This week Thor is finally back to take on Malekith and end the War of the Realms and he's not alone!

Marvel reveals Ghost-Spider, Moon Knight & Wolverine ACTS OF EVIL annual...

Acts of Evil will conclude in September with these three annuals.

Deadpool, She-Hulk, and Ghost-Spider among headliners in new ACTS OF EVIL...

The annuals feature work from some first-time comic writers telling stories of heroes facing off against unlikely villains.

SDCC ’19: Diamond Exclusives Are Totally Bodacious!

The mother of all Con Exclusives arrives in July!

The Marvel Rundown: Logan goes cosmic in WOLVERINE: INFINITY WATCH, and...

We've got discussion and reviews for this week's two mutant-centric debut issues.

Marvel preps mysterious THE LAST X-MAN for February 2019

New cover for UNCANNY X-MEN #12 shows grim-faced Wolverine as Cyclops unleashes a clenched first and optic blast into the sky.

It’s Wolverine and The Hulk vs. Weapon H in HULKVERINES

Hulkverines. Just take that in for a second.

Marvel’s WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL Gets Second Season on Stitcher

Marvel and Stitcher will release 'Wolverine: The Lost Trail' in 2019.

Sales Charts: A strong month for graphic novels in September

Diamond has just released its sales rankings for September 2018, and shocker, Marvel won! Again. Charles Soule and Steve McNiven’s Return of Wolverine #1 was the top...

Digital Comic Sale: Wolverine is the Best at What He Does...

And wow, how the Wolverine collections are random and a bit scattered over the years