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Joe Grunenwald is a writer and editor living in the Pacific Northwest. He's taller than a lot of people but not as tall as some people.

Snyder, Capullo, & Glapion reunite for DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL event

The series is the long-awaited sequel to the hit DARK NIGHTS: METAL event.

Recap: THE FLASH S6E11 – “Love is a Battlefield”

Barry and Iris get caught in the middle of a lover’s spat between two supervillains, and try to work out their own issues in the process.

Benjamin Schipper’s JOE DEATH AND THE GRAVEN IMAGE coming this fall...

The book follows Joseph Bones, aka Joe Death, as he attempts to retrieve the soul of a murder victim following a massacre in a western town.

EXCLUSIVE: Preview three new titles from Dark Horse’s international line of...

The new books join Dark Horse's growing library of English translations for previously-published international graphic novels.

THOR and SQUADRON SUPREME get EMPYRE event tie-in minis

Thor and the Squadron Supreme will face down the Kree/Skrull Empire in May.

THE MARVELS ongoing series from Busiek, Cinar, & Ross will encompass...

The ongoing series will span all of Marvel history.

INTERVIEW: Rotante & Williams on what makes BETTY & VERONICA: THE...

The creative team discusses how their new Betty & Veronica graphic novel differs from previous interpretations of the characters, and what they each think the other brings to the project.

X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR #1 gets a digital director’s cut from Marvel

The directors cut will include process art and the script for the newly-released issue.

INTERVIEW: Mike Allred talks his new Dark Horse series, X-RAY ROBOT

Allred discusses what inspired his work on X-RAY ROBOT, why he made certain character choices, and what readers should know before they pick up the series.

Marvel miscredits Captain America’s creators, removes Joe Simon in today’s CAPTAIN...

The credits page mistakenly says Stan Lee, not Joe Simon, co-created Captain America with Jack Kirby.

Recap: THE FLASH S6E10 – “Marathon”

Team Flash adjusts to post-Crisis life as a new threat arises.

BANG! #1 goes to a second print before the first print...

That Keanu Reeves endorsement's done wonders.