By Carolyn Hinds

During The Expanse series panel at San Diego Comic-Con International on Saturday, Amazon Prime Video — the series’ new home for its upcoming fourth season — revealed two trailers and, for the first time, a release date. Fans can look forward to The Expanse returning Dec. 13, 2019.

Amazon also revealed not one, but two trailers for the new season — and they look amazing. The first had no dialogue, but the audience at SDCC was enraptured by the stunning visuals and beautiful score. We saw the first footage of New Terra, one of the recently inhabited worlds found beyond The Ring at the end of season three. The moment the Roci was seen landing on screen, it was within 10 seconds of the EXACT moment the Apollo landed in the moon in real time — fully celebrating the historic moment’s 50th anniversary.

The second trailer was more dialogue-heavy, but just as incredible, as it reveals even more about New Terra and what we can expect of the new season.

Stay tuned for a full panel summary and more news on The Expanse from The Beat, on the scene at SDCC.

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