It’s Thursday evening, and the first full day of Comic-Con is done! While our intrepid staff onsite covers and uncovers a wide array of topics (including nipples and codpieces), I’m back in the Midwest on Thursday Watchtower duty, scanning Google News for stuff you might have missed otherwise, and snacking on Marshmallow Moon flavored Oreos.

Local NPR affiliate KPBS interviews longtime Comic-Con attendees, asking them what makes it so special.

Mark Evanier: […]And what is fascinating about this thing to me is every place you look, someone has made something. Someone has published a book. Someone has done a drawing, some has written something. Someone’s made a costume. Someone has sculpted a famous president out of Lego blocks — whatever it is. And it’s just amazing to be around all this creativity. And that’s the way it was the very first one. And that’s the way it still is.

What weapons can cosplayers carry at Comic-Con?

Because this is Comic-Con, though, there are always new questions: Who knew a pink tennis racquet could be a weapon? Or zombie Freddie Mercury’s Killer Queen microphone stand could be one? Even Wonder Woman needs to get her magic lasso tagged at the prop weapons check station at Comic-Con.

A noted comics retailer reveals his secret identity!

Holy Joel Schumacher! DC and Visa team-up to offer the DC Power Visa, featuring seven different licensed designs!

(Lots of perks, if you’re a DC fan. My big quibble: since the contact pads for the chip are defined by ISO/IEC 7816-2:2007, why didn’t the designers re-position the graphics to avoid overlap? Also, I’ve heard a legend that a man actually produced Batman credit cards during the run of the Batman TV show.)