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SDCC ‘19: Watchtower Thursday: Beyond words and pictures

We dig up all the news buried underneath celebrity appearances and publisher publicity!

INTERVIEW: Malaka Gharib On Her Graphic Memoir I WAS THEIR AMERICAN...

Malaka Gharib tells The Beat about the inspiration behind her graphic memoir.

NPR’s list of 100 Favorite Comics is pretty good

As we mentioned earluer today, NPR's Glen Weldon has organized aa titanic survery to name the 100 FAVORITEE Graphic Novels. After soliciting more than...

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 7/12/17: Nessun Dorma

§ In the biz we call this "Hell Week" because you have to get everything done for con in JUST ONE WEEK. Emails at...

INTERVIEW: Confessin’ sins and talkin’ SAINTS with Sean Lewis

You might recognize Ben Mackey’s name because of his kick-ass Twin Peaks tarot cards or Sean Lewis for his work on This American Life. How the hell did these two guys meet? We're about to find out.