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Heidi MacDonald is an award-winning editor/journalist with 20 years. An editor at Disney and DC Comics, she edited such titles as The Lion King, Scooby Doo, Swamp Thing, and Y: The Last Man. She cohosts Publishers Weekly’s graphic novel podcast More to Come.

The Snyder Cut is the latest example of Warner’s cluelessness regarding...

The history of superhero films at Warner Bros. is very long and very messy and Release the Donner Cut!

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 5/21/20: In other news, scientists have discovered a...

Plus: behind the scenes at the unmasking of The Snyder Cut!

There’s going to be a comic con in 2020: Tampa Bay...

In Florida, where Phase 1 of reopening has begun, organizers got the go ahead for a comic con to take place.

Dylan Sprouse’s Viking saga Sun Eater is coming from Heavy Metal

The comic is based on folklore from Sprouse's Scandinavian heritage...with a dark edge.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: Tony Isabella opens up about current version of...

After Isabella expressed outrage, writer Bryan Edward Hill responded to that outrage. Also: Mike Mignola drew Bulbasaur!

Diamond and Geppi Family Enterprises launch huge “Back the Comeback”...

Back the Comeback branding will be included in Diamond's May 20th comics shipments.

Comics Outreach Lead Camilla Zhang among the layoffs at Kickstarter

Zhang was among the 40% of the staff laid off.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 5/13/2020: “I can’t hold out that long.”

Also just why did Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy not get along on the set of Mad Max Fury Road?

Here are your 2020 Doug Wright Awards Winners

The pageantry was online this year, but the winners were just as good.

RIP Richard Sala

One of our great horror cartoonists has left us.

RIP Martin Pasko

The prolific writer and editor was 65.