Even without Hollywood studios, SAG-AFTRA and the WGA, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con shows every sign of being a crowded and busy affair. It’s as if everyone saw the absence of Kevin Feige as a chance to step up and flog the heck out of their panel/toy/video game/indie project.

The airport (or at least Terminal 2) was empty of Welcome to Comic-Con graphics. (Last year we were greeted by Paper Girls – a year later already cancelled and forgotten although spared Y The Last Man’s ignominious fate in the BKV canon of being removed entirely.) 

While we caught up on much needed sleep, a quick constitutional stroll around the convention center revealed that promotions for all the shows/movies that aren’t having presentatiions are continuing…and more colorful than ever. A bright yellow Yellowjackets branding for the Hard Rock was to be expected, but a similar yellow explosion for Fox Animation, and dueling moody period pieces glaring across the Fifth Avenue crosswalk. 

Paramount’s The Lodge looks spectacular! A christmasy vibe to cool you down during the hottest period the planet has even known. That’s what I call marketing. 

In other words: all the spectacle is still here. Just the people are missing. 

Not too much take to write today so here’s a few photos of things getting up to speed – including a hotel shocker: a hotel where the only movies available all star Gerard Butler!



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