This could not be sadder news. Cartoonists/animator Ian McGinty has died at age 38, it was confirmed by his family. No cause of death has been reported but word spread rapidly on social media last night, bringing a flood of reminiscences of a man who was kind, funny, talented, and much loved by the community.

McGinty was a graduate of SCAD where he made many friends, and a frequent fixture at conventions. His comics included his creation Welcome to Showside from Z2, and a host of comics work on Adventure Time, Bee and PuppyCat, Bravest Warrior, and Invader Zim. His other work included a multitude of covers and pin-ups, teams-up and more, all in an energetic cartoony style that hit straight at the zeitgeist of what you might call “The Adventure Time Era.”

A pilot for an animated Welcome to Showside, with McGinty doing some of the voices, was produced, which you can watch below.


McGinty’s final tweet would serve as a fitting epitaph for someone who loved comics, loved the community, and was so positive in helping others.

It would be impossible to find all the social media tributes to McGinty…just a taste of the outpourings of sadness from classmates, collaborators, publishers and friends…al mourning  someone who died far too young.




Here’s an interview with McGinty  covering his work on a Paul Oakenfold graphic novel, that was published by Z2.

In his final FB post, McGinty complained about feeling ill, but it’s not known if this was related to the cause of death. That said, we’ve lost a lot of cartoonists (Steve Dillon) who didn’t get medical help when it was needed. If you are feeling sick and not improving….get it checked out.



  1. “if youre sick, get checked out” what a callous, patronizing response considering how underpaid and over worked comic artists are! no mention at all in this coverage about the reckoning of how criminally underpaid comic artists are and how that itself may have contributed to someones death?
    for the record its an open secret that z2 does not pay its creatives, or tries very hard to ghost them into giving up on ever being correctly compensated. but god forbid this coverage actually give a platform for these ugly truths.

  2. There are various avenues available for getting medical treatment, even without medical insurance. Cautioning people not to wait is sound advice and is hardly patronizing. It has nothing to do with Z2’s business practices. Minimum wage workers are also underpaid and yet still manage to seek medical treatment when they feel ill.

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