Z2 Comics recently published a comic book style memoir of Grammy-winning DJ, Paul Oakenfold. THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PERFECTO: WITH PAUL OAKENFOLD AND FRIENDS spans the entirety of Oakenfold’s career — from his residency at Cream to drinking absinthe and shooting guns with Hunter S Thompson; from touring with U2, Madonna and Calvin Harris to performing on Mt. Everest.

Oakenfold’s made a career of collaboration with the top musicians in various genres. His book is no different as the visionary remix master teamed up with some of comics most talented artists: Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Chris Hunt (Carver), Ian McGinty (Welcome to Showside) and Koren Shadmi (The Abaddon).

While Oakenfold recently did an interview with some friends of mine at Buzz 33, Comics Beat got the chance to talk to artist Ian McGinty about taking part in this one of a kind comic book experience.

Comics Beat: Other than being a Paul Oakenfold fan, how’d you become part of the group on the book?

Ian McGinty: To be frank, I heard about the book and told the editors, damn, I could probably draw this pretty good if you’re willing to risk it on a non-traditional cartoonist who’s worked in all-ages comics for 6 years. Z2 took that bet, and Paul was all about it, so yeah! I think I did Perfecto the justice it deserves, even being sort of the wild card.

CB: Any particularly favorite Oakenfold remixes on your playlist?

IMG: All the remixes featuring Brittany Murphy (RIP). I could listen to them for hours. I also typically enjoy the live performances, as it’s difficult to capture the energy of EDM on an album.

CB: You illustrate a very weird and tragic part of this book. I see lots of familiar quality of your work in these pages then certain moments feel like they push boundaries of your animation style. Was there something about doing this book that made you want to push your own limits as an artist further?

IMG: If there’s any time to really stretch the limits of what you can do, artistically, it’s when you’re illustrating the quasi-real memoirs of a famous DJ. I mean, I draw a lot of insane things, but portraying Hunter S. Thompson as a gun-wielding, absinthe-swilling demon man? C’mon. Pretty great. I also sort of realized that Paul wouldn’t want the safest bet, art-wise, and I’m glad for that.

CB: What did you personally make of the Hunter S. Thompson part of the story when you read it?

IMG: I have a lot of conflicting feeling about Hunter, namely that I believe most of the stories of his exploits and actions have been blown out of proportion and romanticized through moves and entertainment. I’m not denying the man is a legend, please, but I think his skills as a writer are often out-shined by his reputation as an avid drug user and drinker, which personally just bums me out. However, reading the particular encounter between Paul and Hunter, I knew that was real. It’s too specific to be overblown, it’s too intimate. I’m looking forward to discussing it farther with Paul.

CB: Henry Rollins and now Paul Oakenfold, are there any other musicians out there who you’d like to work with on telling their story?

IMG: First and foremost, Frank Zappa, however that could be worked out. Henry was actually a close second for me, so I can cross that off the list, let’s see… Beastie Boys, definitely. POLYSICS. Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band. I’ve always dreamt of doing something with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, since he’s into comics anyways. A big one for me is Childish Gambino, that could be amazing. Freddy Mercury!

CB: All damn fine pics, even though some are metaphysically impossible. I have to say Ian McGinty has the best taste in music in comics outside of my main man Steve Niles. 

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PERFECTO is a fantastic read for anyone looking to go inside the mind of one of the most imaginative musicians of his generation. It’s available now in stores and online.