Batman lands in the Comic-Con Hall of Fame after a ceremony in San Diego’s Balboa park Wednesday night. The ceremony was part of SDCC’s The Gathering, a kick-off celebration of the event’s 50th iteration. Though the Dark Knight himself was unable to accept the award, DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio made an appearance on his behalf.

“Batman is real in every person who summons the strength and resilience to keep going. That is a superpower. There’s no other way to describe it,” Lee said at the event.

President of Warner Bros. Brands and Experiences, Pam Lifford expands on that sentiment, saying Batman “connects with everyone no matter where you may come from in the world. Batman is a hero for all people. That’s why he resonates across every medium: comic books, cartoons, TV shows, toys, video games, even theme park rides and postage stamps. Batman is everywhere.”

In a year where the character is celebrating its 80th anniversary, she’s not wrong. Recent weeks have seen the announcement of several new series starring the Dark Knight himself or his neighbors in Gotham. His omnipresence isn’t limited just to shelves though. Even at SDCC, the Batman is seemingly inescapable thanks to The Batman Experience; part of the Hall of Fame celebration collecting the most Batman memorabilia ever assembled in one place.

Running through July 21, the Batman Experience brings together artwork, movie props and even video games all centered around the character. Fans can even get a taste of what it feels like to glide around Gotham in the notorious Dark Knight Dive, a VR skydiving simulator for aspiring vigilantes. To celebrate the first fictional character to be inducted into the Comic-Con Hall of Fame, head over before SDCC wraps up on Sunday.

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