SDCC ’19: Watch highlights from Batman’s 80th anniversary event & an interview with Todd McFarlane

Alex & Kyle venture into Arkham Asylum at SDCC


San Diego Comic-Con International kicked off on Wednesday by inducting Batman into the Comic-Con Hall of Fame, which is the icing on this year’s celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary. In addition to the Hall of Fame induction, SDCC also has a massive installation celebrating the history of the character, on film and in comics. Of course The Beat is on the scene — and so is the inimitable Todd McFarlane!

DC Comics’ Dark Knight has been through a lot in 80 years. From Nolan to Burton and Affleck to Keaton, no character in comics is more beloved than Batman. Follow along as Alex Lu and Kyle Pinion venture into Arkham Asylum and check out the cool costumes, special experiences, and surprises in store for fans at the greatest party of this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Featuring a special interview with Todd McFarlane!

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