Goats Flying Press has its new title The Dead and The Damned #1 available now, and the Small Press Spotlight has the details here. 
Sebastian Girner (who also created the new publishing company) is on writing duties. Kelly Williams is on art and Jeff Powell handles lettering and design. 
Read the synopsis here:

The Dead and the Damned is a dark fantasy apocalypse set in a world that for centuries has been ravaged by a horrifying curse where all things that die return to wage war on the living. Raised by the insidious Gravehand, his four Pallbearers receive visions of their past lives that challenge their reality. Can they complete the Gravehand’s destructive conquest, or will their desires consume them first?

Equal parts sword and sorcery epic and end-times road trip, The Dead and the Damned is a Mature Readers fantasy comic featuring a sprawling cast of characters, jaw-dropping visuals, soul-wrenching drama, and darkly humorous adventure in a world where the only fate worse than death… is life

The Dead and The Damned #1 cover
The Dead and The Damned #1 cover
Girner said in a statement: 
“Launching The Dead and the Damned is a dream come true for me. It’s big, gnarly, weird, and beautiful. The kind of book I had to establish an entire indie publisher for to see it done right. The experience of launching Goats Flying Press with a dark fantasy/horror comic by Kelly Williams, one of the preeminent horror artists of our time, and the incredible production and designs by Jeff Powell is unlike anything I’ve felt in my 15+ years in the industry.”
Check out some covers and pages here and also save the prelaunch link for issue #2 here!