Key visual for Tougen Anki anime adaptation

The end of Golden Week in Japan means the floodgates have opened on announcements again after a week-long pause, and the latest manga-to-anime announcement centers around Tougen Anki: Legend of the Cursed Blood by Yura Urushibara. The manga has been confirmed for an anime adaptation slated for sometime in 2025 by Japanese publisher and distributor Pony Canyon, with a key visual and teaser trailer being released alongside the announcement.

In a very curious development, while main cast members and roles have been confirmed and announced in Shiki Ichinose being voiced by Kazuki Ura, Naito Mudano being voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, and Jin Kougasaki being voiced by Koutaro Nishiyama, there’s no mention of production staff or even a studio attached to the production in spite of the animated teaser trailer. The lack of a production staff or studio confirmation suggests that the announcement is being made now to confirm intent to produce the anime and the studio and staff will be announced later when available. Pony Canyon describes the anime:

The bloodlines of “Oni” and “Momotaro” have been passed down among certain humans for generations.
Long ago, the Oni, aware of their own ferocity, lived in seclusion. However, their peace was shattered by an invasion led by Momotaro.
Over thousands of years, these two factions formed the “Momotaro Agency” and the “Oni Agency,” respectively, and have been locked in conflict ever since.

The protagonist, Shiki Ichinose, suddenly learns of his Oni lineage following an unexpected attack by Momotaro.
This revelation sets Shiki on a path to discover the destiny that lies within his blood — a meeting with the Oni dwelling within him.

—A new generation of dark heroics begins here in this tale of demons!

Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise began serialization in Akita Shoten‘s Weekly Shonen Champion magazine on June 11, 2020 in Japan, with the first volume released on October 8 of that same year. Since March 7, 2024, nineteen volumes have been released in Japan while in the same month, Yen Press announced that it would publish the manga in English beginning in the Fall of this year.

Are you looking forward to the Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise anime? I’m looking forward to reading the manga this year, and from what I’ve seen, it’s a worthy title for supernatural action fans.