New Publisher Alert: Sebastian Girner launches Goats Flying Press

GFP_LOGO_smavatarThere’s a new player on the comics scene this week: Goats Flying Press, launched by Sebastian Girner, who is also currently the editor in chief of TKO Studios. Girner is staying on with his TKO duties but will be launching the company with a kickstarter very soon. He’s off to a good start already, with a cute animal mascot, a memorable name for the company and even a motto: “Against all odds!”

Goats Flying will publish only fully creator-owned comics, and Girner hopes to “develop and produce wild and vibrant comics.” The initial project is a “bitterblack fantasy/horror series” in collaboration with artist Kelly Williams (The Dark, Eerie), with details to come in a a few weeks.

The ultimate goal is to be a home for both Girner’s own work and more:

a portal for new creators and artists to gain first exposure and insight from an experienced comic book industry professional; and as a small-press option for established creators looking for a highly personable, independent, and fiercely passionate publisher of ground breaking art and creator- owned stories; Goats Flying Press is ready to channel the persistence, playfulness, and perseverance of its horned spirit animal and help create a new generation of comics.

Girner is a 15+ year industry vet who started out at Marvel in 2008, and went on to freelance edit many projects at Image, including Deadly Class, Black Science, Drifter, VS, and the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning Southern Bastards. Since 2018 he’s been editor in chief at TKO Studios, which gave its blessing for his solo company.

There are currently five projects in the pipeline, which will all launch on Kickstarter; the company is not accepting pitches at this time.

Girner introduced the venture in a tell-all interview at SKTCHD, which lays out his plans and philosophies.

Even just in the time that I’ve been working in the entertainment and comic industry, it has changed so dramatically on the peripheries, while the core always remains the same. The core always being here are people who are excited, who are passionate, who love comics, who love art, who are an amazing community, that is incredibly nourishing for ourselves and each other. And that’s just a community I want to continue to exist in, and help flourish in whatever way I can. And that’s where I just feel like being the publisher of a small comic book press shop will allow me to do great work, both for myself and for others.

Despite what we were saying five minutes ago, there’s life in them thar comics! Much more in the link; as with all at SKTCHD its very entertaining so go read the whole thing! Also, fun goat-related art by Anna Bowles.






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