Steven Universe is growing up and now he’s got to save the world — again. Cartoon Network the first Steven Universe the Movie trailer at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday and in addition to a new and terrifying villain, the trailer also reveals a new look for the beloved Beach City and its cast of characters. Steven and his friends are older, wiser, and ready to face whatever’s coming — together.

All Steven wants is a happy ending where he can live on Earth with his friends and his dad… but of course, when you’re a half-alien, half-human with magic powers, happy endings are rare. Still, when a maniacal, giggling, pink villain descends on Earth hellbent on destroying it — and all human life — Steven and his friends band together to defeat her and save the day.

The film will also feature plenty of new music from creator Rebecca Sugar, co-producer Chance the RapperPatti Lupone, and more, some of which can be heard in this first trailer for the film.

Additionally, the trailer bears an official release date: Steven, Connie, Greg, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl return to Cartoon Network on Sept. 2. Check out the Steven Universe the Movie trailer below.