Tom King‘s and Mitch Gerads‘ next project will be Strange Adventures, featuring Adam Strange. DC Comics announced the new project, which is due out in 2020 and also involves artist Doc Shaner, via Twitter Sunday morning.

This comes after King’s and Gerads’ last project, Mister Miracle, captured every Eisner Award for which it was nominated on Friday night in San Diego. In fact, this announcement was maybe made now as a direct result of that Eisner success, at least according to Gerads’ own Twitter.

So yeah, win a trunk full of Eisners, and you too can tell the marketing and PR folks when it’s time to announce your next project.

The scope of this book is unclear, but if I had to guess, I’d wager this will be another 12-issue maxi-series. DC is in love with that format as of late (and so am I!), and also, two of King’s and Gerads’ most critically-acclaimed past projects have fit that bill, those being Mister Miracle and Sheriff of Babylon. The duo have also worked together at times on King’s current run of Batman.

During interviews, King has referred obliquely to his next collaboration with Gerads, saying that he wanted to start fresh as a writer with this one and do everything differently.

Adam Strange will be a good property to do that one, with the character more of a pure sci-fi concept and less of the sort of superheroes that King has mostly worked within (although, lest we forget, one of King’s most underrated works is his 12-issues of The Omega Men). Adam Strange was created in the late ’50s by long-time DC editor Julius Schwartz and artist Murphy Anderson. The main conceit of the character is that Adam Strange travels from Earth to the planet Rann frequently, doing so via a Zeta-Beam that wears off at a certain point, eventually returning him to the place and moment he left back on Earth.

DC’s announcement Sunday revealed little aside from the creative team and a pair of covers, which hinted at a stark dichotomy for the character. The dark one is above and the happy one below…

Adam Strange


  1. So long as there is no suicide, I’m here for this 100 percent! King and Bagenda’s Omega Men is fantastic science fiction. Honestly, I’d prefer all Doc Shaner art for an Adam Strange story, but I suspect we’ll see a dichotomy between Earth and Rann or some type of art split. If not, Gerads will do just fine and it will look great as well.

  2. Does EVERY feature like this need to be dark, if not grim ‘n’ gritty? Is there no room for good old fashioned space opera (with character development)?

  3. Dave – not so long as they keep giving King awards every year for telling the same “I talked about depression/PTSD/suicide and thus I am deep” story with different characters.

    I don’t feel like watching yet another optimistic, interesting Silver Age character reduced to his pet themes yet again. Sadly, it seems like lots of other people do, so we’re gonna be stuck with him until he finally gets a manly drama on FX or something.

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