SDCC ’19: Watch Nic Kelman & Mark Rosewater tease MAGIC: THE GATHERING: THRONE OF ELDRAINE, the Netflix series and more

What's next for Magic: The Gathering?


If you want to know what’s to come in Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering, look no further than the show floor at San Diego Comic-Con International. Our New Media Editor Alex Lu caught up with Head of Story and Entertainment Nic Kelman and Head Designer Mark Rosewater to talk about War of the Spark, the upcoming Netflix series, and even what’s to come in Thrones of Eldraine.

Nic Kelman is leading MAGIC: THE GATHERING’s story into a new era. In addition to being the game’s Head of Story and Entertainment at Wizards of the Coast, Kelman is an executive producer of the upcoming Netflix animated MAGIC series for Wizards. Join New Media Editor Alex Lu as he talks to Kelman about the culmination of the game’s War of the Spark storyline and breaks down what fans can expect from the Netflix series. Did we get a coy smile about the return of fan favorite characters like Chandra? You might even get a taste of what’s to come on Eldraine…

In between answering fan questions on Tumblr and designing the most popular trading card game in the world, MAGIC: THE GATHERING Head Designer Mark Rosewater somehow still found time to come to San Diego Comic Con. This year, at the game’s annual panel, the game’s next fall expansion THRONE OF ELDRAINE, will be revealed. But with teasers already out in the wild and the promise of faeries, join New Media Editor Alex Lu as he tries to pry some early secrets about the set from Rosewater himself.

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