We’re exactly a month away from the beginning of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (or a month away from preview night, I suppose). News about exclusives and other things attendees can expect has already started to trickle out, but before the deluge begins, the con organizers have released a look at the cover their own collectible keepsake from the show. SDCC announced today that Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair have this year’s SDCC Souvenir Book cover. The wraparound cover celebrating SDCC’s 50th year features an array of the biggest heroes from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, and IDW. The assortment of characters soar through the air overhead throngs of fans in the San Diego Convention Center.

SDCC 2019 Souvenir Book(The final cover won’t include the watermark, naturally)

This year’s Souvenir Book is dedicated to celebrating SDCC’s 50-year history, and will feature photos and stories submitted by fans and past attendees for inclusion in the book.

The image is particularly notable for the characters it includes. Aside from DC’s trinity, characters Lee has worked on frequently over the years, the other characters featured are largely not ones that Lee, Williams, and Sinclair are associated with. The choices of Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel rather than Captain America or Wolverine to represent Marvel signals a closer tie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe than that of the comics, as Peter, T’Challa, and Carol are expected to anchor the next phase of Avengers-related films. The Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, and The Walking Dead‘s Michonne are all fairly visible characters outside of comics as well, and Spawn is due for a new film from Blumhouse any day now.

SDCC 2019 begins on July 18th.