Todd McFarlane says Blumhouse’s Spawn reboot may be in jeopardy. This news comes in spite of last year’s promising announcements that Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner would both be starring and even that McFarlane was slated to write and direct the adaptation of the franchise that cemented his comics presence. One of the original Image titles, Spawn is known for its edge and grit. It’s dark visually and thematically; a true product of the 90’s.
McFarlane told that the film’s status hasn’t budged since its last update. According to him, multiple interpretations of the character are causing major disagreements when it comes to scripting.
“The money’s sitting on the sidelines ready to go. I just need to get everyone that wants to put in money to shake their heads to the same script. As you can imagine, everyone has a slightly different version of it in their head. You just go and trying to appease a handful of people while not giving in to what it is that I’m trying to do myself. Because if I have to change it too much, I’ll just walk away from it all.”

Echoing that final sentiment, McFarlane goes on to explain the difficulty of finding studios for the Spawn reboot, even if his team is able to agree on a direction for the plot itself. He says it’s pivotal that a studio gives his movie the marketing campaign slot that he envisions. If not, McFarlane’s pride could bring the project to an end – barring a deal with the devil.


  1. Pretty easy to walk away from something that was pretend. I would like to announce that I am walking away from the Loch Ness Monster, reverse racism, and my relationship with Kat Dennings.

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