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SDCC ’19: Spawn exclusives, signings, and more at the Image booth

Get your Spawn prints, pins, vinyl figures, t-shirts, and more...

Todd McFarlane Spawns New SDCC Merch!

Your wallet is about to feel Violated.

Todd McFarlane returns to draw landmark SPAWN #301

With this issue, Spawn becomes the longest-running well-known creator-owned comic in the world.

Todd McFarlane says he may "walk away" from Blumhouse's SPAWN reboot

Todd MacFarlane may "walk away" from SPAWN reboot.

Jeremy Renner Gets All Twitchy about the Spawn Movie

A bridge from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Image Cinematic Universe?

By Its Cover #9: The Best Of The First Month Of...

It looks like this will be more than just a single month event.

By Its Cover #8: Spawn Variants In Any Color You Like

A look the color variants for Spawn #286. Plus, I dissect some title placement.

Jamie Foxx set to play title role in McFarlane-directed SPAWN reboot

For years now, Todd McFarlane has been talking up a potential big screen reboot of his signature creation, Spawn - which "spawned" an HBO...

Image Reveals 8 #WeBelieve in Colorists Variant Covers for Spawn #286

The first variant is B&W so you can compare techniques and effects.

Francesco Mattina’s Three Covers to Spawn #284 Are Revealed

You can choose from Regular, B&W or Virgin

Todd McFarlane Confirmed As Director of New Spawn Film

By Gabriel Neeb After years of false starts and rumors, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane confirmed that a new Spawn movie is coming, to be written...

ONE OR DONE Review: Spawn celebrates 25 years by diving into...

What better way to come back to something after a long excruciating break (if you’ve been in the midwest or Ontario recently you’ve probably...