Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are gearing up for the final chapter of their Batman saga with Last Knight on Earth. The mini-series will be released under the Black Label imprint on May 29. Its promo campaign has largely been led by the book’s astounding cover image: a silhouette of Batman holding a kind of lantern with Joker’s severed head attached to it.
DC released a comic book trailer for Last Knight on Earth and it looks that they’re counting on Joker’s severed head to lead the charge.
As far as comic book trailers go, Last Knight’s is particularly interesting thanks in large part for its animated bits. In 30 seconds, the trailer establishes a Metal-like mood, in terms of both the music genre and the recent Bat-event that went by the same name. It seeks to embody what Snyder and Capullo’s Batman run has meant for the DCU. We see Batman navigating an orange-fuchsia landscape enveloped by heavy fog with Joker’s laughing lantern-head in hand. Teaser images of the comic’s interior art flash across the screen as Batman continues walking into an unknown destination. It really is a visual treat. The animation, Batman’s walk and Joker’s laughing head, does a great job of selling the comic and its significance to the Bat mythos.
Last Knight on Earth seems to be going for an exploration of the most iconic elements in Snyder and Capullo’s run. It has the color palette of Zero Year, echoes of Death of the Family via Joker’s head, and a brooding sense of horror reminiscent of Court of the Owls. The book’s being touted as the culmination of an already legendary take on the Batman, and the trailer, which is heavily reliant on book #1’s cover image, goes lengths to make sure the message hits home.
Here’s the trailer for Batman: Last Knight on Earth:

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