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Ricardo Serrano is a Social Studies teacher with a Master's Degree in Comics from the University of Dundee in Scotland. He's also the co-creator of Se Habla Comics, a Puerto Rican podcast geared towards Spanish-speaking comic book readers.

From the Boneyard to the Funhouse, WRESTLEMANIA will never be the...

As close as we'll get to David Lynch directing a Wrestling show.

SHUT IN THEATER: 4 comic events that can help us through...

We all need our ASSEMBLE moment.

SHADOW MAN game from the N64 and Dreamcast days is getting...

I know, I know...party like it's 1999.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Azzarello & Llovet’s FAITHLESS II further descends into the...

The Devil stalks the art scene and Faith follows.

An inside look at the new Midtown Comics Outlet in Astoria,...

You could spend all your money in there.

A first-timer’s totally subjective comparison of C2E2 and NYCC

C2E2 makes you feel at home, whereas NYCC makes you feel like a guest.

THE THING gets a semi-remake based on the original story

Back to the source of cold sci-fi horror!

The 8th Black Comic Book Festival champions ownership, imagination, and change...

A celebration and a look to the future of black comics.