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Ricardo Serrano is a Social Studies teacher with a Master's Degree in Comics from the University of Dundee in Scotland. He's also the co-creator of Se Habla Comics, a Puerto Rican podcast geared towards Spanish-speaking comic book readers.

A Year of Free Comics: Terry Blas’ YOU SAY LATINX tells...

Dear Spanish, change is nothing to be afraid of.

CREEPSHOW S1E6 closes with a whimper instead of a scream

Season 1 ends with great creature designs, but not much else.

31 Days of Halloween: My First Experience with Go Nagai’s DEVILMAN

If ever an excuse was needed to get in horror manga, DEVILMAN is among the best ones.

REVIEW: DEPRAVED is the best update of the FRANKENSTEIN story we’ve...

Larry Fessenden gives Shelley's Frankenstein an adaptation for the ages.

Brooklyn Horror Film Fest ‘19: 1BR will make you doubt your...

1BR turns an apartment complex into a cult's playground and it makes for a terrifyingly good watch!

INTERVIEW: Are You Afraid of the Dark? showrunner always wanted to...

BenDavid Gabrinski on what it means to have his own campfire for horror stories.

William Gibson Unplugged: The NYCC ’19 Panel

William Gibson gave NYCC '19 one of the most honest and equally masterful panels in its programming.

REVIEW: CREEPSHOW S1E3 takes two steps back and no steps forward

CREEPSHOW episode 1: Bad. Episode 2: Okay. Episode 3: Really not good.