There are some characters that translate perfectly from novel to comic, and Repairman Jack is one of them. The character first appeared in F. Paul Wilson’s 1984 novel The Tomb as part of his “Adversary Cycle.” Many years later, the “fixer” mercenary has starred in more than 20 novels over the years, with fans never missing his latest adventure. In some exciting SDCC news, Dynamite has announced that Wilson will bring his beloved character into the graphic novel realm with original, in-continuity contributions to the antihero’s ongoing saga.

Repairman Jack Jack makes his living fixing problems for people in his future society, often dealing with issues we can also relate to in our own timeline. Throughout these missions, Jack encounters both the mundane and the supernatural along the way.

“Originally I agreed just to write new stories for the Repairman Jack graphic novels and have someone else script them, but anal me couldn’t give up the reins,” said Wilson. “So I’m doing the whole deal, story and script. Jack’s fans can expect to see a lot of familiar faces, while new readers will come away with a damn good idea of who this urban mercenary is, what he does, and how he gets it done.” Repairman Jack

Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher, added, “F. Paul Wilson is one of the most talented and prolific writers of his era. It’s always a thrill reading a new Repairman Jack novel and we all agreed that level of action with his unique sprinkling of supernatural and sci-fi elements would translate perfectly to a visual medium. Paul is a longtime fan of comics and we can’t wait to announce more!”

The first Repairman Jack original graphic novel will be solicited and released in 2020, joining the publisher’s list of licensed books that made the jump from other media to the comic format. Check with The Beat for updates and visit Dynamite’s website for more information coming soon.