The cast and creators of Westworld premiered an intriguing new Season 3 trailer for a hyped Hall H audience today; the trailer is packed with mysterious imagery, but one thing is for certain – it’s time for the show’s advanced androids to finally experience the real world.

Throughout the Westworld Season 3 trailer we see returning characters such as Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in a sleek modern city and new cast members such as Aaron Paul, whose character comes across the sentient robot. There are also shots of Maeve (Thandie Newton) in a mysterious setting fighting Nazis.

At the panel Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan teased the show’s new shiny non-park setting calling the name for this season, “The New World.” When describing the show’s very clean and stylish vision of the future he said they wanted to make something different than the rainy and dark looks you’d see in Blade Runner. “The thing about dystopias is they can look pretty beautiful right? Just because the world is corrupt on the inside doesn’t mean it can’t be smoothed over and pretty on the outside. We wanted to find ourselves of a version of a dystopia that didn’t look like anything we’d seen before.”

You can check out Westworld’s beautiful dystopia down below in the new Season 3 trailer, and expect the season to premiere sometime in 2020.