The record-breaking Vampirella #1 from Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deathstroke) and Ergün Gündüz is set to release on July 17, and fans can expect no less than a whopping 84 covers to honor the Daughter of Drakulon on her 50th anniversary.


Dynamite Comics gathered 72 creators to contribute in some way for the milestone issue, with most of their involvement being original artwork. Main covers include work by Frank Cho, Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, Guillem March, and Adam Hughes. There are also cosplay covers as well as exclusive retailer variants such as the Midtown Comics Carla Cohen option or David Nakayama’s cover for KRS Comics. Fans are encouraged to check out what their local shop has to offer or head to Dynamite’s website to order.

In other big news, another ongoing series starring Vampi will also hit stores around Halloween—Vengeance of Vampirella. Writer Tom Sniegoski (Punisher, Angel) returns to tell more tales of the iconic character, with the series picking up where he left off in 1996. Artist Michael Sta. Maria (Fathom, Jirni) joins him on the series. The original series launched in 1994 with a jaw-dropping wraparound cover by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, with Vampi bathing in blood represented by swaths of red foil.Vampirella

“If somebody had told me just a few years ago that I’d be able to come back to a character I have great affection for, and pick up with her exactly where I left off 25 years ago, I would’ve said that it would never happen,” said Sniegoski. “But here I am, smack dab in the horrific, apocalyptic world that I set up for Vampirella and never got to play in. And I haven’t heard a word ‘NO’ yet, no matter how insane the idea. Just wait until you see Michael Sta. Maria’s art, people’s new favorite Vampirella artist is about to be unleashed! Can you tell I’m excited?”

Cover artists on tap include Joshua Middleton (Aquaman, Martian Manhunter), Frank Cho, Ben Oliver, Lucio Parrillo, and classic Vampi artist Buzz for a limited edition incentive version. And of course, there will be a cosplay variant with model Joanie Brosas. Fans should also look out for a limited Replica Edition of the original first issue. Fans can preorder in August ahead of the series’ October release.

Vampirella ParrilloDynamite is also celebrating one of their top cover artists, Lucio Parrillo, with a deluxe hardcover art book this October. The master painter has worked on numerous covers for the company, creating gorgeous versions of some of the most iconic characters like Vampirella and Red Sonja. The Dynamite Art of Lucio Parrillo will reprint these pieces on oversized high quality paper without logos or other elements so that the art takes center stage.

“I have been working with Dynamite for over 10 years and have made so many covers of Red Sonja, Vampirella, and many other important characters,” said Parrillo. “I grew artistically studying the artists of the past and frequenting the museums of Paris, Rome, and Florence. My style blends 19th century classics with a modern twist. Traditional painting techniques are more rare in today’s market, with so many going digital, and I think that is a part of what attracts fans to me.”

Finally, Dynamite will be reproducing Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s Vampirella #2 cover, which hasn’t even been released yet but is already garnering much buzz, as a collectible bust. At 7.5 inches tall, the high quality resin bust features Artgerm’s haunting cover set on a base of skulls. Sculptor Steve Kiwus has expertly brought the cover to life with this 3D rendering priced at $89.99.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Dynamite and contributing my first comic cover to Vampirella’s legacy. It’s even more exciting to see my art come to life with this bust format statue, which is a first for me,” said Artgerm. “For all Vampirella fans out there, I hope the statue will be a great addition to your collection and a reminder of how much you love this beautiful and deadly lady.”

The publisher also has another Artgerm cover set for October’s Vampirella #4, which will also be available in premium virgin and limited foil variations.

For more on all of these Vampirella goodies, head to Dynamite’s website or ask your local comic shop in August to preorder.

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