Kicking off San Diego Comic-Con International 2019, ComiXology Originals Head of Content Chip Mosher announced during a Wednesday press conference that two creator-owned titles will get second seasons: Delver and Stone Star. These series join the ranks of ElephantmenAsk for Mercy and The Pride, which each had second seasons debut this month.

Co-written by C. Spike Trotman and MK Reed with art by Clive HawkenDelver is a Iron Circus Comics fantasy series that examines modern social issues through the eyes and actions of its teen protagonist, Merit. Issue #5 debuts on ComiXology today, with season two debuting later this year.

Delver Season Two will follow Merit and Clem as they return to the surface world in Oddgoat, though it looks less and less like the village Merit grew up in. More Dungeon delvers arrive by the day, paperwork is increasing for hacking and slashing, and an above-ground underground market for magic and monster parts is quietly making itself known. Meanwhile, Clem is being recruited by the new magic academy for non-nefareous purposes (they swear). Merit may have survived Dungeon, but surviving the workforce may be harder than she realizes.

Stone Star, written by Jim Zub with art by Max Dunbar, will get a second season in 2020. Issue #5 debuts on ComiXology July 24, bringing the first arc of the sci-fi adventure series to a close. The nomadic space station Stone Star brings gladiatorial entertainment to ports across the galaxy, but behind closed doors, foragers and fighters struggle to survive. When the young thief Dail discovers a dark secret within Stone Star’s depths, he has to find out where his destiny lies — and nothing will ever be the same.

In Stone Star Season Two, Dail will continue to try to prove himself as forces seeking revenge hunt him relentlessly.

ComiXology has provided The Beat with an exclusive preview of Stone Star #5 ahead of its July 24 debut. Check out the unlettered pages below, as well as a preview of Delver #5, available now.

Stone Star #5

Written by Jim Zub
Art by Max Dunbar
Colored by Espen Grundetjern
Cover by Max Dunbar & Espen Grundetjern
Lettered by Marshall Dillon

Stone Star #5 preview Stone Star #5 preview Stone Star #5 preview Stone Star #5 preview

Delver #5

Written by C. Spike Trotman & MK Reed
Art by Clive Hawken

Delver #5 cover

Delver #5 preview Delver #5 preview Delver #5 preview Delver #5 preview Delver #5 preview Delver #5 preview


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