With 21 hours left in its Kickstarter campaignMafiosa by writer Sunshine Barbito, artist Débora Caritá, colorist Mariacristina Federico and letterer Clem Robins is fully funded — but there’s still plenty of time to back the project and get some cool rewards. In addition to digital and print copies of the first issue, the development studio behind the comic, RainWerks, is also offering enamel pins, signed artwork, randomized digital comics bundles and more.

To celebrate the Kickstarter and introduce readers to Mafiosa and its creative team, The Beat is running the first issue in its entirety as part of our ongoing A Year of Free Comics feature. If you like what you read, consider backing the Kickstarter to get a personal copy, and stay tuned for more.

Here’s the full synopsis for Mafiosa:

The Marchesi brothers, Carlo, Matteo and Tommaso, are three first generation Sicilian Americans who, with their extended families, establish a Mafia family in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900s.

Nicoletta Marchesi is the youngest of Tommaso’s five children, a precocious and beautiful eighteen year old who, unlike her two older sisters, is very much a tomboy and grew up always challenging her two older brothers at every turn. But when Nicoletta confronts her father Tommaso and announces her desire to join the family business alongside her brothers, crisis ensues.

Check out the full first issue below (click interior pages to enlarge).

Mafiosa #1 cover