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A Year of Free Comics: Read MAFIOSA #1 in its entirety...

Nicoletta Marchesi joins the family business.

INDIE VIEW: Children adrift in ‘Girl in the Bay,’ ‘Lollipop Kids,’...

John Seven reviews The Girl in the Bay #1, The Lollipop Kids #3, and Malaterre.

ADVANCE REVIEW: The Wonderful Fever Dream of Hellboy in Hell #7

England is gone, replaced by a new World Tree, promising to end this world and replace it with something new. Hellboy speaks with a spirit that may be his friend Alice, but who also appears to be something more. She delivers a prophecy of doom and beauty to Hellboy, who awakens, and finds himself in Hell once more. And then things start to get weird.

Advance Review: Frankenstein Underground Expands The Hellboy UNiverse Once Again

The Hellboy universe expands once more with the re-introduction of Frankenstein to Mignola’s ever expanding cast.