Hellboy and giant robots are two great tastes that Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo are hoping taste great together. Dark Horse Comics today announced Giant Robot Hellboy, a new three-isue miniseries from writer Mignola, artist Fegredo, colorist Dave Stewart, and letterer Clem Robins. The series launches in October.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Giant Robot Hellboy:

In this all-new series, Hellboy is kidnapped and hooked up to a massive mecha-Hellboy for a mission on a mysterious, faraway island, but the island might just put up a fight of its own.

The first issue of Giant Robot Hellboy will be available with a main cover by Fegredo and a variant by Mignola. Issue two will have a variant cover by Geof Darrow, while the final issue will have one by Art Adams.

The miniseries is a reunion for Mignola and Fegredo, who have previously collaborated on Hellboy stories like Darkness CallsThe Wild Hunt, and The Storm and The Fury. The series is inspired by some of the sketches Mignola did during the pandemic quarantine in 2020, and in a statement announcing the series Mignola and Fegredo both described their inspirations for the book and the feeling of reuniting for it:

Mike Mignola commented, “Giant Robot Hellboy is my very obvious nod to all those Japanese giant monster movies—which I actually have no particular love for. What I DO love is listening to Geof Darrow and Art Adams TALK about those movies—so really, I guess this series was inspired by those guys. I had the idea for this one a long time ago but figured it was too silly to actually do—then the pandemic came along and I started to do all those sketches I would post online. I had never given a serious thought to what a giant robot Hellboy would look like but I knocked out a few sketches and I liked them—and so the thing started to seem like something that could actually be done. But I knew I wasn’t the artist for it and I knew both Arthur and Geof were busy with other things, so the only other artist I thought of was Duncan. I had no idea how Duncan would respond. Too silly? I didn’t know,  but I figured I’d pitch it to him and if he said no that would be an end to it. The rest is history.”

“Hellboy awakes to an out-of-body experience and simultaneously has to deal with the usual fallout from mad scientists doing their thing whilst learning to walk again,” said Fegredo. “Come to think of it, that pretty much describes my return to collaborating with Mike Mignola… if you enjoyed my previous forays into grand scale storytelling, whoops, I did it again!”

“It was a thrill to be working with Duncan again,” said Mignola. “The man can draw anything which is very nice for a writer. What is special about Duncan is no matter what you ask him to draw, no matter how difficult or complicated—he will make it MORE complicated (and, of course, more difficult) . Everything ends up being so much more than you asked for and Duncan will endlessly curse HIMSELF for overdoing things—and we will all sit back (eventually) and marvel at this amazing thing he has created.”

Look for Giant Robot Hellboy #1 (of 3) to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, October 25th.