Later this month Dark Horse Comics will release She Could Fly: Fight or Flight, the third and final volume of the acclaimed Berger Books imprint series from the creative team of writer Christopher Cantwell, artist Martín Morazzo, colorist Miroslav Mrva, and letterer Clem Robins. Today The Beat is proud to present an exclusive preview of the conclusion of the series, which finds lead character Luna Brewster taking up the mantle of the flying woman against a new aerial threat.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes She Could Fly: Fight or Flight:

After an intense brain surgery, Luna’s mental imbalances are more manageable, but still problematic. Now 18, she’s estranged from her parents and forging a life on her own. But Luna soon discovers that there’s a new Flying Woman in town . . . one that’s hellbent on causing havoc and terror.

After witnessing this new Flying Villain, Luna’s purpose finally become clear. She must be the one to fly-for the good of Chicago, for the sake of her family, for the memory of Mayura, and for herself.

And this battle will all take place above the Chicago skyline . . .

From the outset She Could Fly has been a fascinating look at mental illness, looking at both the way that it manifests and the way that it impacts not just the person experiencing it but also those around them. In an interview with The Beat shortly after the series’ second series, The Lost Pilot, wrapped, Cantwell described how he tried to portray mental illness in Luna and in the other characters throughout the series:

I wanted to flesh out a cast of characters that also had their own undiagnosed issues. The so-called normal folks at play here, the more you know them the more you see their eccentricities come out. It just something’s that’s true for everybody. It’s challenging that idea [that] normal even exists.

She Could Fly is the latest Dark Horse Comics series to complete its run in a collected format. Cantwell and artist I.N.J. Culbard‘s Everything‘s second volume, another Berger Books title that was originally planned for release as a miniseries pre-pandemic, instead wrapped as a trade paperback, and Karen Berger revealed earlier this year that the Berger Books imprint would be focusing on original graphic novels moving forward.

Check out the exclusive six-page preview of She Could Fly: Fight or Flight below. The 112-page graphic novel is currently set to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, November 24th, and in bookstores on Tuesday, December 14th.